Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last Night's Post-Update

Okay, I think my husband and son want a divorce from me.

The computer thing was a practical joke on sweet, little ol' me.

Long story short, they LIED!!!  Amber tried to tell me it was a joke, but Kota never admitted to it, and I ended up, as usual these days, CONFUSED!

How did it work?  There is a way to turn the computer on in safe mode.  It runs, but not quite right.

Two practical jokes in one week-the computer surgery, and the re-set clocks, are TOO much!

I went to bed half cranky, and Dan had a good laugh(Kota already fell asleep).  I equally had a bit of a chuckle when I told Dan I had already blogged about the incident-which made Dan look like an irresponsible father!

I'll get over it.....The roses and tulips Dan had sitting on the dining room table for me when I came home last night ease the pain.....I think......  :)

My Computer-Should I Be Happy, Or Angry?

Amber and I had a great day-we went shopping! 

Unfortunately, my day is not ending as well as the several hours of shopping had felt.

I am sitting here at my computer....that was broken.....and is now running......

I just typed an entire post, and accidentally deleted it. 

But the frustration actually began when Amber and I got home from shopping.  Elissa was working, and Dan and Dakota were together all day and evening after school.

I learned shortly after we got home that my computer was running.  Dakota, my 11 year old, fixed it!  The screen shows much larger, and there is no longer sound, but it does pull the internet up.

How did he fix it, you may wonder?  By taking it down to the basement, and exchanging parts with our old computer that Dan had saved from our house fire.  He even did some saudering of wires. 

Now the question is, HOW should I feel? 

Dakota stood over me, waiting for me to thank him, and I wasn't sure WHAT to say!  He said, "If you don't want to thank me, that's fine...."

Oh sure!  Go ahead and laugh!  Some of you are just HOWLING aren't you???  Well, to YOU I say, May you be blessed by sons, grandsons and little brothers who love to "fix" things!

But there are others out there that surely realize what I am facing next---the computer technician!  I can already see what our conversation would be like:

Tech:  What's wrong with your computer?

Me:  Well, the screen shows everything very large, and there is no sound.

Tech:  Do you know when this all started?  Did you do anything differently than you normally do?

Me:  Well, the original problem was that the computer was completely freezing before the desktop would load.

Tech:  Does it still freeze?


Tech:  So it went from freezing, to no sound and everything being enlarged?  Sounds like some kind of virus....

Me:  Well.......(A loud, exasperated sigh fits in right about here, as the moment of truth arrives), while I was gone all day,(another long sigh, as I look to the ceiling because I am too EMBARRASSED to look the tech in the face) my 11 year old son took my computer downstairs and traded inside parts with our old computer.  He saudered some wired as well.

Tech:  (Wordless, with eyes as big as silver dollars)

Me:  (Loud, very long sigh) Yeah, I know.

Tech:  (Loud, very long sigh, longer than mine)  Well, we'll see what we can do.

Me:  Thank you.  (I am low enough to slither under the bottom of the un-opened door)
Fortunately for me, it is very late, and I can go to bed.  Then I don't have to think anymore, until morning.

And I think it is only fair that since Dan WATCHED Dakota carry the computer downstairs to the basement, and allowed him to work on it(yes, he asked Kota what he was doing, and Kota answered that he was fixing the computer), that HE will be the one to take it to repair.

Please send well computer wishes my way......


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Controlling Husband

Sigh....I have it so rough...

Dan is a wonderful person, but he has one flaw....he's controlling.

Tuesday, he came home in the afternoon to announce that he wanted us to go out to dinner.  Sigh....I just wanted to stay home, but he had the nerve to bring up the coupon I gave him for Valentine's Day, which was for a night out with I gave in.

We took our kiddos, and went out to eat at Ponderosa.

Dan wanted to get a pair of boots, so we had to go shoe shopping.  Sigh(rolling eyes)....I  found a pair of black shoes for my trip to Nashville next month, and they were really cute.  I also got to go to Staples and look at laptops, along with looking at the clearance items at Fashion Bug. 

Dan wanted to go to Tractor Supply, so he and Dakota went, and he actually let me make my own choice here-the girls and I walked to Walmart "next door", since it was such a nice night.  He met us there a little later.

I only wanted to look at laptops that night, but when Dan and Kota met us at Walmart, Dan called me over to the computer section and wanted me to pick one right then. least I got my way by default---they were out of both computers we were looking at.

So there you have it-the things I put up with....eating out at a steakhouse, getting cute new shoes, and having to pick the laptop I wanted, all against my will.  

Is there any hope for women who are married to control freaks?  Well, if not, I think I can live with mine.  Thanks, Honey!  :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who Needs Santa Claus?

This might get some rotten tomatoes thrown at me, but according to blogging experts, you are supposed to write something controversial on occasion.

That being said, I've never taught my children that there is a Santa Claus.  Nope.

No big scary looking man in a bright red suit is getting the credit for the gifts I shopped long and hard for!  If his gift selections are as tacky as his fashion taste, our kids are doomed anyway!  And truthfully, we all know it isn't true that he comes down our chimneys, and I don't believe in lying to my children.  Not to mention the kids that are forced to sit on his lap in the mall for a picture, when they are truly terrified.

So anyway!  I've heard parents try to threaten their children when they are being bad, "I'm going to tell Santa..."  And you know what I started thinking?

Who needs Santa when you have a BLOG???

If you are going to threaten your children about someone watching, what could put terror in their eyes quicker than saying, "I'm going to tell my blog how you've been acting all morning!"

Kids have messy rooms?  Take a picture and stick in on your blog!

Throwing a temper tantrum with screaming, kicking and punching, while lying on the floor?  Video them and stick in on your blog!  Your 16 year old will never do that again!!!

Can't get junior to take out the trash?  Little Susie won't do the dishes?  Important note: add a sign to the trash heap or mound of dishes that tell your child's name and that this is his chore, so that when the entire world sees it on your blog, they will know that it is your child's fault things are so heaped up!

Did you know this can even work for training your husband?  It works for me!  Since I've begun blogging, he hasn't thrown ice on me in the shower a second time, and he will probably never call me a "bag" again either!

Need to "convince" your in-laws to be nicer to you?  No problem!  Blog, blog, blog!  I am blessed in this area, for I've only recently had to blog about my in-laws!  (It's amazing how good they've actually been to us, considering I'm married to their son, which I'm pretty sure is the reason they both have silver hair!)

Any other folks you're having trouble with?  Neighbors? Teachers?  BUS DRIVERS???(Don't ask!)  Well, I've just given you a cure-all that works better than Santa Claus!  Look out, Marty, here I come!(the locals will understand that comment!)

Blogging is not only therapeutic for you and I, but it is like a wonder-worker in the home and family!  Someone should have thought of this ages ago!  Either that, or I shouldn't have shared the idea with my blog friends, and wrote a book first, sold a million copies, and THEN blogged about it, for those who missed my sold-out book!

One last tip:  You and I probably ought to straighten up a bit ourselves, before our kids and hubby get their own blogs. But I'll do pretty good, as long as no one takes a picture and blogs about my ironing pile!   =P


Monday, March 8, 2010

How MY Day Started

Well, Good Morning Everybody!

Did you all wake up nice and chipper today?  :)

I thought my blog post title was fitting, but another fitting title would be, "Never Let Little Boys Spend The Night".

This morning, I woke up before the alarm, and since Dan was going to the school to help today, he needed to get up too-leaving time is 7:45.  The clock read 7-ish, and since I have it set almost 20 minutes fast, we were doing great for time.  Dan and I even got to bed earlier than usual, so we both felt pretty well rested!

On days Dan helps out at school, the kiddos ride with him.  Our friends' children spent the night last night, so they would ride in with him too.

I headed down to the kitchen to get the coffee started, and while getting the water, I glanced at the stove clock.  7:33!!!  Oh NOOoooooooo!!!!!

I didn't even finish the coffee-I ran upstairs to tell Dan something happened to our alarm clock-I don't know what-and that it was much later than originally thought!  He rushed out of bed to get ready, while I started waking children up.  I told him to just get ready, and that I would bring all the kids to school as soon as they were ready.  He wasn't going to be able to wait for them-he had to unlock the school for the other students who would be there on time.

I do my best to make mornings pleasant for everyone, so I woke everyone up nicely, but hurriedly.  I let them know we'd overslept, and that I'd take them in, but they still needed to hustle.

Well, our 11 year old friend Bud and I crossed paths in the hallway upstairs.  As I'm trying to hurry, hurry, hurry, he begins to tell me that in the middle of the night, he woke up thirsty, and woke Dakota up to ask for a drink.  While they were in the kitchen.....

they got the bright idea to set the clocks ahead.  

I picked up our digital phone, and it said 7:38 or something like that, and so then I was thoroughly confused.  I woke Elissa up, and she grabbed her cell phone-it was 6:58.  Amber met me in the hall confused, and I ran down to check Dan's cell phone.  Yes, it was before 7 a.m.

Ya know, for those of us that are simple minded with Blon'd roots, that is just NOT funny!  I let Dan know that he didn't have to run right out the door after all.

Needless to say, we all were wide awake when we DID wake up(since panic mode set in immediately upon looking at the kitchen clocks), but I couldn't help thoughts of wringing the necks of two little boys.  You know it's bad when the 40 year old mother is thinking, "Oh, PAYBACKS!  PAYBACKS ARE COMING!!!!!"

Ah, the life of having pre-teen boys!  Just wait until Friday-when I wake Dakota up on my way to bed, and tell him it's Monday morning, and time to get up!  I better let Bud's mom in on it too, so she can do likewise!  (wink, wink!)