Saturday, September 25, 2010

May I Have Your Attention Please!!!

Now that I have your attention, I would like to introduce my daughter's blog to you!

Introducing "Picture Perfect" at

Her intro story is cute, and she has posted a few pictures of a wedding she took the pictures for. 

She did a beautiful job! 

This is her first blog, so please stop by, give her some blog love, and leave a comment!  Thanks!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Question Friday

I decided to answer a few questions that other bloggers are answering-you will get to know my just a tad bit better by this post!  =D

1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be (i.e Australian, Scottish)?  Probably.....Southern Belle!  That way I would always sound cute and sweet!!!  I could be screaming at my kids and Dan, and I'd sound so sweet to all the neighbors that they wouldn't even notice I was livid!!!  They'd look our way and say, "Isn't she so cute?  And she always sounds so sweet!"  =D

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (i.e floor, couch, deck)
No-even when I'm tired, I have a hard time falling asleep in my own bed!  I need MY pillow and my SOCKS!  And after I lay in bed for 30-60 minutes, I will fall asleep.


4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with?
Tricia Goyer!  She is an author, and I'm connected to her on Twitter!  She responded to me TWICE!!!  She writes Christian novels and other books, and one of her books was/is 2nd place on Amazon's Kindle list!  She's a mother about my age, and she just seems so nice!  Did I mention she responded to me TWICE on Twitter???  =D

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date
In his home town, which is now my home town too, we went with the church group to Perkin's restaurant!
In MY hometown of Akron, Ohio, we went to the Waterloo(can I have a shout out for the Waterloo???) restaurant.  He gave me baby roses, and made me laugh til I cried.  What a guy!  I had my roses in the same little gift box they came in until my house burned down!

So there you have it!  Four questions answered on Five Questions Friday! 
Feel free to leave your link below so others can see your Five Question Fridays answers on your blog!  And please feel free to leave me compliments-I MEAN comments!!!  =D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twelve Year Olds Carrying Machine Guns

Amber, my 15 year old daughter, was talking to a friend the other day-a boy who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were talking about food, and Amber mentioned that she doesn't eat lamb(she feels bad for those innocent little guys), but she thinks deer steaks are pretty good.

Her friend, whose name I won't reveal in case he stumbles across my blog and is terribly embarrassed, then asks Amber something along the lines of,

"You guys hunt up there?  What do you use-machine guns?"

This was TOO funny-can you imagine a few little boys walking thru the woods, and their chests are all stuck out because they're carrying MACHINE GUNS???  Any deer they would see would be DEAD, thus leaving out the right to call it "game".

Can you imagine one of those 12 year olds when his venison is being served for dinner?  "Sorry there's not much meat, Ma.  I really think they should allow more deer tags per hunter."  And OH, the hunting stories that could probably come from carrying MACHINE GUNS!  Knowing little boys, they'd definitely try to out-do each other.  "Oh yeah?  Well I put 47 shots in mine!"  "Well my 24 shots made a perfect smiley face, and I didn't even TRY!"

Ahh....such is the vast difference in understanding between the big city life, and the small city life.

I think I know why they are trying to outlaw guns now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Sad Farewell, My Summer Love!

(no worries-I'm not talking about another man!)

The affair may be over, or we may have a few last chances to meet before October 31st.

When I drive by your house after church, I can feel you calling me...

Sometimes I'm able to stop for a few minutes, and try to hide the evidence that we visited.  This isn't always easy to do because you live on a main road, and friends and family have to drive by your place on their way home!  What if they've seen my car at your place?  Well, if they have, they haven't said anything to  me.

I'm totally at bliss when I'm with you!  Nothing is as cool as you are! 

When winter comes along, I'll still drive by your place almost daily, but it will be with a saddened heart because you aren't there.  You haven't given me the details, but I suspect you are in Florida, or Hawaii, meeting other women who fall in love with you.


You aren't good for me anyway, so I really should just get over you, and not anticipate your return next summer.  But so far, I can't. 

Who cares if you just want my money?  I'm not a tightwad-I like to share!

Why should I worry if you hate my clothes-you still want ME, right?  I'll find bigger, better ones!

And last but not least, why should it bother me if you like to melt faster than I can consume you, dripping chocolate and ice cream all over my clothes repeatedly, nearly every time I visit you?

I LOVE you, small vanilla cone dipped in chocolate!  I will miss you!!! 

Are you trying to end our summer fling early?  I stopped to see you today and you weren't ready, so they made me take blue raspberry dip instead!

Do you think we can get together at least one last time?  I might not be able to visit with you next summer-what if I reform and change my ways???

In case we don't meet again this summer, I just want to say, it is with great sadness that I tell you, Goodbye, My Summer Love!  Goodbye little ice cream stand!!!


What will you miss about summer?

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm A Wannabee

I have a secret--it's a BIGGIE!!!  And I'm gonna let you in on it!

My secret is.....

I'm a Wannabee!!! 

Blogging is something I've enjoyed doing, and am reading some books on how to move my blog up to the next level.  Wanna help me?

I ADMIT IT!!!  I want to be the next Chris Brogan, the next Darren Rowse, as cute as Smockity Frocks, as popular as Julia from Hooked On Houses!  But there are a few problems:

1:  I don't have the time to put in 27 hours a day like Chris and Darren, and I am totally html illiterate-just read my last post on trying to upload a "do it for you" blog design!  These men are the masters of the blogosphere, and I'm just gonna be stuck in envy mode.

2.  I'm not cute.  Conni from Smockity is SOOoooo cute!  I wish I were cute! 

3.  I'm not as popular as Julia-she just posted about her 10 millionth view! 


Thank you all, my faithful followers-I do appreciate you!  Would you like to see me reach my wannabee goals?  Here's a few things you can do to help!

Could you all just click on my site about 100 times a day?  That would make me feel much better.  Thanks!

Can you tell me how cute I am?  If you REALLY want to make me feel good, tell me I'm cuter than Conni!

Can you give my blog name to any famous folks you happen to know, and ask them to put in a good word for me on Twitter or Facebook?

I KNOW you don't want me to put up a video of me begging and pleading for readers, now do you??? 

Wow!  You guys are the greatest!  Thanks!

Now!  To be a little more serious, I really do have a desire to excell in blogging.  If you'd like to help me out, please share my blog or web address with your friends and family.

Many of you know that my husband is limited to how much he can work because of being seriously injured a year ago.  I would LOVE to be able to grow my readership, which will eventually bring in some revenue from my many hours of blogging.

I am not asking anyone for money, just that you might share my blog with others.  And I really do appreciate your help-thank you!  =)

Yep! A New Look!

What do you all think of my blog's new look?

Let me just tell ya, this was no easy feat!  Add computer programming, and even templates that do the work for you, to the list of things I cannot do without turning it into a major, life changing project! 

I was trying to come up with a background for my new blog, Join The Challenge!  , when I decided to go ahead and freshen up my A Chocolate Bouquet blog.  BIG mistake! 

I cannot tell you how I managed to make all of my widgets disappear, and even the "design" option on my editing page.  I even tried to go back to my previous background by copying and pasting the code, and THAT didn't even turn out right!

Needless to say, my heart sank as I thought I would have to mourn the departure of my widgets and pictures, but then, wonder of wonders, I got them all back!  Granted I was up until 2 a.m. working on it, but hey!  It's fixed!

Please do not ask me how I did this-I cannot tell you because I am not sure.

I do hope you like the new look-I think it's pretty, and it's one of the only ones I could get to work!  =)

Have a great day Everyone!