Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What You've All Been Waiting For!

Hello, my wonderful readers!

Thanks for checking back time and time again to my un-updated blog.  It shows me that you are still interested, and I appreciate that!

I have just been taking a break for a bit, which sometimes feels necessary because blogging and my website can take a large chunk of time.  I don't really like being on the computer so much when the children are not in school.

But anyway!  Here is an update that I hope you will enjoy.  It is a conversation I had on Facebook with a friend. 

I must say, I never knew I could make up such good gossip!!!

Okay, here is the scoop:

I have a wonderful friend named Rhonda, and at this point in here life, she is going thru a difficult time.  This is how her facebook update started:

totally amazed by people and their opinions... especially when all they know is hearsay or bits and pieces. ugh! please people, if you don't know the whole story, SHUT UP! unless you are going to be an encouragement. speaking ill of someone is NOT going to help them. :(

I do know what her situation is, and I have been encouraging her along the way-we've been great friends for around 20 years! 

So after some of my comments to her, I don't know WHAT hit me, but some sort of dilerium came over me!  And THIS is the rest of thread, Rhonda in red, me in blue, and others in other colors.  =)   .....

Me:  But you know Rhonda, I wish you would just come clean! TRUST ME--nobody is going to hold it against you that you are a Hartville Kitchen girl by day, and a Rodeo Cowgirl by night! Let them say all they want about your cowgirl boots-don't let it get to you! And they may talk about your cute little hair braids and Wrangler shirts too. They'll know the whole story when they visit the next rodeo, and you are the star of the show! Then won't THEY be eating HUMBLE PIE!!!
Oh! But I won't say anything else about it on fb-I want YOU to be the one to tell everyone. Yee-HAW!!!

Rhonda:  lol... YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWWW is right! :) love it, josanne! ♥

Friend #1:  Rhonda are you doing rodeo's how cool.. love it..

Rhonda:  haha.. yep! :0) ...and i just don't understand what the fuss is all about! lol.. jk
thanks, josanne.. can always count on you for a laugh. thanks to the rest of you as well for your encouragement! ♥

Me:  I'm just trying to earn brownie points so I can have your cowgirl boots when you're done with them! (wink, wink!)

Friend #2(Rachel):  hehehehehee I like Josanne! :) And you go girl! You tell em! And if you don't I will for you, no problem ;D lol

Me:  Thanks! And nice to "meet" you, Rachel! If you are friends with Rhonda, you must be pretty cool too! Do you know each other from the rodeo? (hehee!)

Friend #3(Bryan):  Do you mean all that stuff I just heard isn't true? lol

Friend #2:  You're welcome! Nice to "meet" you as well :) We are all pretty cool if I must say so myself :D And yes, I do know Rhonda from the rodeo! teeehehehehee! and also from the HK but the rodeo is much more fuuun ;)

Rhonda:  it's true, bryan... i'm a rodeo cowgirl!! lol...  ‎...rachel is my sidekick...partner... ahhaahahaha!

Me:  All RIGHT! Rhonda admitted it! She's a rodeo cowgirl! Now we can talk about her all we want! Well, I'm off to start some rumors.....think I'll call George first....

Friend #3:  That's what I heard...that cowgirl with purple streaked spiked hair.

Rhonda:  No that's rachel. My hairs pink! Lol

Me:  and braided, not spiked!

Rhonda:  Haha yep! Just call me pink pippie longstalking! :)

Me:  But Pink Pippie's hair isn't what she is best known for-it's that bull's nose ring she hooks on when goes to the national competitions. The crowd just goes wild, and wonders how that thing stays in her nostrils when her cow starts bucking and a-kickin'!!!

I know Rhonda just wants encouragement, but she's gonna get hurt one of these times! We're not spring chickens anymore, ya know...

Rhonda:  I'm only 29 helloooooo! ;).

Me:  Yeah, but remember that time you were riding at the competition, and your nose ring got wrapped around the cow's horn? For one, I didn't know you could sing opera, and for two, I didn't know you were a contortionist! But anyway, even if you ARE 29, and can touch the tip of your toe to the tip of your nose, I still worry sick about you! That scared me so bad, I had to stop watching! It's not fair to the kids, Rhonda!

Rhonda:  Lol. Toooo funny josanne! Boy that was a scary night! Lol 
Well, there you have it!  I laughed until I cried.  Yeah, I'm a little goofy, but hey!  I'd have a really boring blog if I wasn't!
Hope you all enjoyed! 
Til next time.....