Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got Snow?

Well, the 10 day forecast is only calling for EIGHT days of snow in our next 10 day future--a whole two days with no snow in sight!  Well, in the sky, anyway.  I think these pictures were taken last winter, but this is what it pretty much looks like here right now anyway.

I personally think these nighttime shots are very cool.  Doesn't it look like they're on the moon or something?  Of course, I did mention not too long ago that I think my kids are aliens.....hmmm.....

I'm trying something new on my blog-if you want to see other snow photos, the MckLinky blog hop has a list of other blogs you can visit-enjoy!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Beautiful Valentine's Meal-almost

I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day in one form or another-I'll share what I did with my family!

I gave them all little note cards, and put coupons in them for different things-my son has already used one of his coupons-the one for emptying all the trash for him for one day.  A free trip to the mall and a few other free trips went to my daughter, along with some other things.  Dan got a coupon for a free night out with ME!!!  The man couldn't be more blessed!!!  ;P

Now, as for the rest of my "gift" to my family, I made a nice dinner on Monday-sirloin steaks and my homemade stuffing that I only make about twice a year.  My family loves my stuffing!  Amber made the homemade mashed potatoes, and we used our cloth napkins and our nice serving bowls.

I set my hair in hot sticks since I had been home all day and hadn't curled my hair since my shower.  I wanted to look nice, since it was to be a bit of a special meal.

Elissa got home close to the last minute, and then had to leave again, so we hurried to get everyone sat down and eating after we gave our thanks to God. 

Amber turned on classical music, and it was really cool!  It really did turn out to be a nice, fancier meal!  And then I realized.....

In all my rush, I forgot to take the hot sticks out of my hair. 

Well, thankfully, we were at home--the family didn't even seem to notice! (Uh-oh!  Hope that doesn't say something about me for a regular day!) 

The next time we have a special dinner, I'll be sure I don't decorate my head with bright pink circular hair ornaments!  ;P

Speaking of embarrassing moments, have you read my short story, Impressing For Love, on my website?  It's my attempt at writing a fictional romance, sort of, almost.  :)  (Psstt!  The "embarrassing" comment should give you a hint about the story!  Hope you'll take a peek!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attention Walmart Shoppers!!!

Okay, who DOESN'T love a great bargain?  I do, that's for sure!  Which is why I did what I did just 2 short days ago. 

I went to Walmart with my short list, and of all places, they had a cereal sale in front of the vitamins/cold meds/etc.-the complete opposite side of the grocery section of the store!

A ten ounce bag of Malt-O-Meal cereal was a buck.  Just one dollar.  The boxes you buy only LOOK much bigger, but they're not!  So, with my cereal-loving husband, who eats a bowl of cereal like Lay's Chips-you can't eat just one!-I thought this to be a great opportunity to stock up. 

So, guess what I did?  Yep!  You guessed it!  I filled my cart with 34 bags of cereal.  I mean, really!  If you paid for the regular bags/boxes across the store, you would have spent that much on about 10 boxes of cereal!  I even went over to the regular cereal aisle and CHECKED to make sure I was getting a bargain!  And it's a good thing I had it right-I would have felt really stupid going back to the meds section and setting all the other goodies I found on top of one HUGE box of cereal, so that I could get to the cereal and RE-STOCK it in another one of their HUGE sale boxes, and then put my other goodies back in my cart.  If it wasn't a bargain, I wasn't getting it!

So anyway!  I must admit-I embarrassed myself just a little.  I did consider checking out first thing with just the cereal, putting it in my car, and then coming back in to buy my other groceries and things I needed.  But the Walmart man(the one with the very blond hair that works in sporting goods) convinced me it was A-O-K!

So I walked up and down the aisles of Walmart with my cart filled nearly to the top with cereal, and finally felt better once I explained to friends that I ran into that it was a really great deal, and told others about the great deal in front of the meds section, and then finally covering all of the cereal up with other foods.  Had I not done that, they all might start wondering if I'm expecting again, and having a TERRIBLE craving for Shredded Wheat and Cinnamon Toasters!  Either that, or I might be having the army over for breakfast!

So anyway!  Amber got over her embarrassment, and I laughed and made excuses to everyone while in the check-out line(yep, the two couples behind me DID change check-out aisles!), and we made our merry way home to hide the majority of the stuff.

I think I made one tiny mistake.  What was I thinking when I only grabbed one gallon of milk???