Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Beautiful Valentine's Meal-almost

I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day in one form or another-I'll share what I did with my family!

I gave them all little note cards, and put coupons in them for different things-my son has already used one of his coupons-the one for emptying all the trash for him for one day.  A free trip to the mall and a few other free trips went to my daughter, along with some other things.  Dan got a coupon for a free night out with ME!!!  The man couldn't be more blessed!!!  ;P

Now, as for the rest of my "gift" to my family, I made a nice dinner on Monday-sirloin steaks and my homemade stuffing that I only make about twice a year.  My family loves my stuffing!  Amber made the homemade mashed potatoes, and we used our cloth napkins and our nice serving bowls.

I set my hair in hot sticks since I had been home all day and hadn't curled my hair since my shower.  I wanted to look nice, since it was to be a bit of a special meal.

Elissa got home close to the last minute, and then had to leave again, so we hurried to get everyone sat down and eating after we gave our thanks to God. 

Amber turned on classical music, and it was really cool!  It really did turn out to be a nice, fancier meal!  And then I realized.....

In all my rush, I forgot to take the hot sticks out of my hair. 

Well, thankfully, we were at home--the family didn't even seem to notice! (Uh-oh!  Hope that doesn't say something about me for a regular day!) 

The next time we have a special dinner, I'll be sure I don't decorate my head with bright pink circular hair ornaments!  ;P

Speaking of embarrassing moments, have you read my short story, Impressing For Love, on my website?  It's my attempt at writing a fictional romance, sort of, almost.  :)  (Psstt!  The "embarrassing" comment should give you a hint about the story!  Hope you'll take a peek!)


Faye said...

I'm sure that your family noticed the bright pink circular hair ornaments, but they have all been so very well trained in manners that they were way too polite to mention it!!!

Tiffany said...

It sounds like dispite the hair rollers you had a wonderful evening with your family! I love it when we create such meaningful moments that I am sure you will all remember for along time! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day, and adding your wonderful thoughts! I agree with you that pictures made by my family are the best ones on my wall! I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog!