Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Oil Cap

Just last weekend, I was delighted to visit with my dear friend Mrs. Lanni-she was my babysitter when I was just a child.  Now in her 80's, Amber and I were happy to be able to visit and lift her spirits for a couple of days.

While there, my brother came to visit too-and we reminisced about how he would pick on me, and Mrs. Lanni's daughter would make him pay for it, and how I dug into Mrs. Lanni's chocolate cupcakes, with the evidence all over my face, yet denied it....why WERE they laughing?  How could they tell???

But then my brother Bryan, who is funny even when he isn't trying, talked about a story from when he had his first car.  I had actually forgotten about this story, but laughed as hard over it as I have in years past, so here it is for ya!

When Bryan had his first car, one night he was putting oil in it.  He dropped the cap, and it mysteriously disappeared!  We searched and searched, and somehow Bryan was walking backwards around his car while searching for it. 

What Bryan didn't know is that I was in front of his car on my hands and knees, looking underneath the front end.  Yes, Bryan continued to walk backwards, and I was an obstacle in his path.  I took him out at the knees.

Guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious, if you can just picture it!

We still couldn't find the cap, and reluctantly went in and woke our dad, who had to get up around 4:30 a.m. for work. 

Dad, the car expert, came out and located the cap in under 10 seconds.  It fell and landed inside the hood-apparently in a place that is common for oil caps to land inside of hoods.  And then Dad headed back to bed.

Yes, a fond memory of childhood.  Wish you couldn't have been there to see it!