Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder to all of us, as we are going thru our day...

Did you wake up this morning and "couldn't find a thing to wear"?

Did you go to the cupboard and complain to yourself that there is nothing to eat?

Did you get in your car and go where you needed to go, take care of what you needed to take care of?

Did your family return home today after school, work, errands, etc.?

Remember the victims in Haiti, whose smallest concern right now is a matching outfit for the day.

Remember the victims in Haiti, who are very poor, and are at the mercies of the world to help them with food and clean water-reporters have seen these people rubbing their stomachs because they are hungry.

Remember the victims in Haiti, who have many road that cannot be used, who cannot go where they want to go and take care of things that are even desperately calling for their attention-looking for their missing loved ones, or helping family members across town to look for their loved ones.

Remember the victims in Haiti, and ask the Lord to forgive us for our murmuring, and ask Him to help these people.

If you cannot donate money or other items that local businesses may be collecting to help this country, then please be sure to lift your voice to God and pray for this devestated country.  It may be your prayer that causes a millionaire to donate.  It may be your prayer that causes a grieving family to be comforted.  It may even be your prayer that causes a buried victim to be found.

Just a reminder to remember the people in Haiti, pray for them, and remember how blessed we are to be sleeping in our own beds at night, with our families safely tucked in, and a reminder to not take for granted food on our tables and clothes in our closets.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Genes, or Brainwashing?

I was glancing thru a catalog this morning when I came across this ad.  And it got me to thinking....see if you have an answer to the mystery.....

Look at this picture.  A mother and her daughter--both FEMALE.  Not a mother and her SON--a mother and her DAUGHTER. 
Both are smiling.  Mom is looking at the brownies while holding her daughter.  Smiling.
One again, Mom is looking at a pan of brownies.  BROWNIES equal.....


So here are the questions....

We already know why Mom is smiling at a pan of brownies-I mean LOOK!  It's just her and her LITTLE girl, who can't possibly eat much.  Chocolate equals bliss, and if Mom's daughter can only eat one brownie---one and a half TOPS---then there is A LOT of bliss left over for Mom.  Oh HAPPY DAY!!!

Next, I'm not sure if the daughter's smile is she really happy that she has a pan full of brownies in front of her, hoping she can scarf down the record-breaking(her own record, that is) one and a half brownies, or is Mom whispering in her ear..."Look Baby....chocolate.....a whole pan of chocolate brownies......mmmmm............chocolate........choc.........o..........late...........mmmmmmmmmm................"?

Now, let's imagine that this scene is being replayed all over the world.  I know it is in America, for sure!  Mothers cutting up brownies, daughters standing close by....

Now!!!  Help me come to a conclusion.....

Everybody knows that women have a reputation for loving chocolate, right?  What I want to know is.....

Is it in our genes, or are we brainwashed???