Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I Want For Christmas.....Part 3 (A Series)

Thanks to everyone who voted on my Chocolate Fall Garden!  I didn't win, but it's ok-I came in second for this week, and I'm fine with that!

Now!  Onto my Christmas list!

So far, you all know I want the EZ Cracker and the Point n Paint.  Next on my list is this Perfect Brownie Pan!

I can't tell you how many times I have just fallen over in exhaustion, trying to cut those crazy brownies out of the pan-not to mention the damage it leaves from the knife! 

All I really want in life is to be able to have perfect brownies that, as soon as they come out of oven, my children gather around and cheer! 

While we're at it, what would be greater than that is to have a SPOTLESS KITCHEN after making an entire table full of desserts, and not having a single drop of food on my clothes!  No flour, batter, or EGGS!!!

If this pan will guarantee that the second my tasty treats are added to any potluck or dessert table, the pan will be surrounded by grabbing hands, while everyone else's desserts are overlooked, then I want one!  Not that I need all the extra attention, really.  I mean, I'll smirk quietly to myself when this happens.

Thank you, thank you all for making my Christmas wish list come true!