Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Image--RUINED!!!

Well, guess what I did?

I got a family membership at the YMCA. Dan can't do much at this time since he is in a back brace and needs to heal from surgery, but my three kiddos and I headed to the Y last night for our first visit.

I took a book with me, since a lot of the exercise equipment has a place to hold the book open so you can read while you work out. I knew it wouldn't be a long workout, since I need to get into practice and all, but took a book anyway.

Kota went and played in the gym, and us 3 girls headed for the workout room. Amber got on the exercise bike, and Elissa and I got on the elliptical equipment.

All went well, and we all had a fun time!

Amber, Dan and I ended up sitting around the table together, and I watched as Amber's brains fell right out of her head!!! I know this happened because of what she did while we were sitting there together....

The child told her daddy how I never got to my book because I was slumped over the machine, trying to last a whole 5 minutes, and she imitated me!!!

Now, it's one thing to be surrounded with everyone else who is wearing agony all over their faces, while they walk, run, and step their way into shape. But to go home and tell my man how out of shap....I mean, practice, I am was uncalled for!

Now he'll probably notice that I've packed on...I mean, added a pound here and there over the years since we first married. I'm sure that he just figured that all the new clothes over the years was just a girl thing-oh how I love a cute new outfit(especially in a larger, more comfortable size!)!

Well, she blew it for me! Guess I'll have to keep practicing so that when Dan is well enough to join us, he'll never believe Amber was telling the truth! :)