Monday, October 4, 2010

YELLOW-And Yet, Another Announcement!

Okay, I am painting the bathroom.  My light yellow cupboards are really pretty!  But the far the walls are YELLOW.  Not yellow, but YELLOW!!!  Kind of rhymes with HELLOW!!!, which is quite fitting when you walk in the room.  In fact, if you visit me, you might want to bring your sunglasses.

I can't disclose the shower curtain design right now, but I am really hoping it tones down the walls!  My girls and I are keeping it a secret from Dan and Dakota until I get it hung up.

But if it doesn't tone down the walls, it will just make me live up to the motto that I've been sharing with folks for the last year--life is too short to have too serious of a house!

So that is what is new with me, among other things!

I do have a little "announcement" to share with you all! 

If you have followed me very long, you know that this is my lighthearted blog.  This is where I share all of my ditziness and chocolate bouquets and candy arrangements.  Once in a while I'll show my serious side, but I have made it my unspoken promise to keep my blog family friendly.  I am who you see-I'm a Christian woman who tries to write a good blog.

Have you ever wondered what the deeper side of me is like?  If there even IS a deeper side of me, seeing as how I steal grocery carts from elderly men, and never have a lightbulb moment about changing around two door knobs for the purpose of easier access into my home?  Well, that is my announcement! 

I have started yet another blog! lol  But this one is my serious side, my ornery side against the goofiness of the world, and my side that talks about the heavier things in life that really don't fit with the theme of my lighthearted blog.  Yes, I do have a brain!  =D

Won't you please stop by and visit me?  It's an honor to have my faithful readers, and I do mean that.  I hope you will like what you see on my newest blog,

And can I ask a favor?  Could you  please leave me a comment and let me know that you've stopped by?  It always does my heart good to see that someone has left a comment for me-it encourages me to keep on writing!