Friday, September 10, 2010

Dan Shares A "Blon" Moment

Dan and I just celebrated our 17th anniversary-a whopping 17 years!

We've come a long way since the beginning of our marriage.  We're both "healthier"--you can tell by just looking at us!  We're both grayer-thanks, kids!  And we're both WISER!!!

Thinking back on our first year of marriage, my air-headed genes must have been mingling with his genes.  We lived in a very small single-wide trailer that we bought off of friends.  The cost was right, and it was already set up. 

One small "delimma", for lack of a better word coming to mind, was that the front door did not have a key for the lock.  The back door had a key, but no porch.

We were quite poor when we first married, which is probably why we didn't splurge on getting a door knob with a key, so every time we locked the door, when we returned home, we would use the back door to get in, since we had the key to the lock.  Unlock the door, give one of us a boost in the back door(since there was no porch), and whoever was inside would go and unlock the front door.

We lived in that tiny trailer with no front door key for a year.

We then sold the trailer to friends of ours, as we needed a bigger place to live for our growing family.

The new couple that moved in never had a problem with not having a key to the front door.

Would you like to know why?

Because the husband switched the front and back door knobs.

Yes, Dan and I were smacking our heads.....sigh, and as for me, I still haven't gotten much better!  At least I know what to do if we ever have a missing key door knob problem again, so I'm at least a little wiser!  =)


Dan said...

AHHHH...the good ole days!!!

Dan said...

Switch either door knobs, or husbands....

Josanne said...

Thank you Honey, I would DEFINITELY switch door knobs and NOT husbands with THAT one! And probably most other hubbies too(wink wink!)

Faye said...

Absolutely priceless!!! I was laughing hysterically while reading this post. Love it!!!!