Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Tag Line and Five Question Friday

Guess what I'm doing?

I am doing a 31 day "workshop"-actually it's an ebook with 31 days worth of exercises for building a better blog.

Today was my first day, and the exercise talked about your tag line.  If someone asks you about your blog, you should have an answer that explains what your blog is about.  Your tag line should also tell this message.

So!  It says to ask your friends and family to describe your blog in a sentence, and so I asked my friends on Facebook.  I got one response(so far), and it has STUCK with me!

So here's my SHOUT OUT to Melinda!  Thanks, Girlfriend!  I think my blog has forever been changed in the eyes of my readers! 

Do you know what it is?  Did you see it up under the title of my blog at the top of the page?  In case you can't find it, it is this:

A Chocolate Bouquet

A diabetic COMA waiting to HAPPEN!


Chocolate candy crafts and humorous, personal life stories

I had to put the second part in, so that first time visitors wouldn't be totally confused, like I was when I first read her response! 

Yeah, you know me---those pesky Blon roots of mine!  I didn't link "chocolate" with "diabetic"....I linked "my blog" to "coma"!  I thought, what?  Am I really that boring?  (sniff sniff--think I'll take my ball and go home....and eat worms....)

So there you have it!  My new tag line!  If you like my blog, please tell your friends, and when they ask what it is about, tell them it's a diabetic coma waiting to happen!

This is also Five Question Friday, which I think I'm going to try to participate in regularly.  After all, you all DO want to know more about me, right?

Let us begin!

1. What is your favorite Halloween candy?  What does Halloween have to do with anything????  And since this is a blog called A Chocolate Bouquet, you probably can tell that chocolate has something to do with my answer.  Not that I'm a chocoholic, but making chocolate candy crafts tends to usher in a lot of chocolates into my home, and unfortunately, into my stomach.  We gotta get this stuff back out of the house SOMEHOW, don't we???

2. Do you fold your socks?  This is a two fold question!  (No pun intended!)  I wear ankle socks, so no, I don't fold my socks when I take them out of the dryer.  I lay them flat up against each other.
The other side of this is, I still don't fold my socks, but DO crumple them up when I shove them under my pillow during the night.  For more information on this particular habit of mine, CLICK HERE.

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?  I wish I would have been warned that house fires make you gain weight!  I would have put new pots and pans and dishes and lots of lettuce on my first shopping list!  Twenty five pounds later, I am now the wiser!  I wish I would have also been warned that gaining weight at 40 is very bad--it doesn't come off near as fast as when you are 20, and you may not have the energy to do anything about it anyway!  Sigh.....(rolling eyes...)

4. What is the most significant difference between you and your significant other?  He is the thermostat Gestapo, and I am the Frigidaire queen!  We are completely incompatible when it comes to temperature!  He won't let me turn the heater up past 3 in our family room(it goes to 5---what a WASTE of two perfectly good numbers!!!), and he's always asking me, when I mention I'm chilly, if I have socks on!

Well of COURSE I don't have socks on!  Every last pair I own is hiding under my pillow!  And half of his socks are under there too!

What a goofy question!

I will admit tho--I am rebellious when he isn't looking, or if I'm up and he's still in bed. (Heehee!)

5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? (And, just for fun...if your significant other is around, ask him/her what 3 words they would use to describe you!!)
Compassionate, mellow, warped(slightly)

Dan would say themoststunninglybeautifulwomaninI'veevermet, themostintelligentwomanI'veever met, and thegreatestthingthateverhappenedtome.

I already knew what he would say, so I didn't bother asking him.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Super Cute Chocolate Bouquet Fall Garden to make!

I made a fall chocolate candy garden last night, and it is one of my favorites!  What do you think?

If you would like to make this yourself, please click on the link-it will take you to my website with the supplies and directions!

Feel free to leave a comment (hint hint!)...I LOVE comments!  =D