Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Have Blon Roots

No, my title is not a typo--I really do have Blon roots.  Blon is my maiden name.

All of you lovely ladies with blonde hair out there, please do not take offense!  I mean, we all have a "dingy" moment or two, don't we?  It's just that in America, it's been connected to yellow hair.

This has worked in my favor, since my maiden name is Blon.

I'm a rather thoughtful girl, but I guess sometimes I try just a little too hard.
Like the time I asked my brother how old he was when he was born.....

Or the time my dear friend Brenda closed her fingers in the trunk of my car after we unloaded our groceries.  Our conversation went something like this:
Brenda: Josanne, I closed the trunk on my fingers!
Me:  (While finding the right key, and needing to be on the other side of Brenda to unlock the trunk), Ok, move!
Brenda: I can't!

And then there was the time that Brenda was telling me about her Aunt Lily.  Aunt Lily and her best friend Penny were not on speaking terms, due to some sort of conflict.  Apparently, it was pretty serious.  My subconcience must have held this information without my knowing it.  
During this period of time, Brenda had a Pampered Chef party, inviting friends and family.  So naturally, I went, since Brenda is my dear friend!  
Upon entering the home, I see Aunt Lily sitting across the room.  Happy to see this friendly aunt that I've enjoyed knowing, I say rather loudly(remember, I'm across the room), with much enthusiasm...
"Hi Penny!!!"
Uh....would you believe I accidentally called her Penny AGAIN that evening?

Really, now!  These were HONEST mistakes!!!
But it's moments like these that I find it necessary to mention that I have Blon roots.  Can you see the nodding heads of sympathy looking my way?  It seems to help during the times when I make BIGGER mistakes, such as the time I was certain that my lovely sister-in-law Sherrie was a year younger, and I tried to convince her too....okay, she is married to my brother, so she understands.....        

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