Friday, March 19, 2010

Simon's Cat-Fly Guy

All of you cat lovers will sit here and crack up watching is SOOOoooo realistic!  Enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Need A Kitty Sitter!

Well, the family is going to Nashville soon, and even tho the kitties are family, they probably aren't very welcome at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  And since Diamond LOVES to interrupt my prayer time by climbing beneath my bowed head, and purring loud enough to drown me out so the Lord can't hear me, I do think it would be counter-productive to take her and Chloe to the church meeting we will be attending.  Not to mention that she doesn't like me reading my Bible either-she tries to climb on it when I'm reading.  Funny how my baby Jazz used to interrupt my prayer time too....

Anyway, all that being said, we are in need of a kitty sitter!  Are there any volunteers?

I can give you a rundown on what I require-just put your applications in the comments section.


1. Must have owned a kitten of your own-otherwise, the rest of this will make no sense to you!

2. Must speak baby-kitty talk.  Example:  " her a widdle sweetie pie???"

3. Must have two free hours a day to visit with the little princesses, and allow them to claim your body as their own.  This included climbing your back, sitting in your lap, pulling hair clips out of your hair, sleeping around your neck like a fur collar, and expecting your hand to be fully functional for petting at all times.

4. You must understand the difference between a "Hello?  Anyone home?  Hello?  Hello?" meow, and a "Oh Mommy, I LOVE you!  I want canned salmon and cheese, canned salmon and cheese!  Can you hurry?  Hurry please?  Surely it isn't taking that long to get the tops of the canned salmon and cheese!!!" meow.

5. Optional-you should know the difference between the little princesses trying to trip you because they love you and want your returned affection, and trying to not trip you while they run between your legs, trying to see who can reach the canned salmon and cheese cupboard first.

6. You must carry the motto that no outfit is complete without the cat hair, if you decide to sit on the furniture--and now you know why they named it fur-niture!

7. Must pay for your own airfare, transportation and hotel.  :)

      I showed this video on my blog before, but it is worth posting again, for those who haven't seen it.  It will give you a much better understanding of cats, if you only have a little understanding, and will also ring very familiar with those who already understand this furry family of royalty.

      Don't forget to leave your applications in the comments section-payment is lots of love from two beautiful furry princesses!

      Sunday, March 14, 2010


      This is almost an announcement-for some odd reason, I almost feel proud to share this with the world!

      Do you all remember the fascinating facts I shared about myself?  One being that I have a sock collection--under my pillow?

      Well, before I go any further, I just want to say for the record that my house is usually only slightly messy.  I live with 4 other people, three of those being my children-of which 2 are sometimes like mini-tornados.  So with that many of us, and coming out of heavy coats and boots season, you'll see a little bit of messiness that can be cleaned up within a matter of minutes.  Our home is lived in. 

      I needed to say all of that so that you won't think I'm just a slob when I make my great announcement!  I run the dishwasher daily, have tons of clean clothes, and run the vaccuum and dust every week.  So anyway, again, that is so you don't get the wrong impression when I tell you what I found!
      Look!  Here's even a picture in my diningroom to prove it to ya!  Like my quilt?  My realtor gave this lovely, homemade quilt from California to us for our "new" home!   
      Can you see my kitty next to the green plant on the floor?  She and her sister are the reason the green plant looks the way it does.  Fortunately, it is a fake plant-I reshape it occasionally.
      And in case anyone wants to know, my walls are Dried Fava by Kilz.  :)

      So anyway!  Finally!  The announcement!!!

      I was cleaning my room yesterday, and knew that some of my sock collection had fallen between the headboard and mattress, onto the floor below.  I got Dan's handy grabbing stick(earned from his back or neck surgery to reach things), and used it to pull out all the socks I could reach.  Some tried to crawl away because I had to reach way over on Dan's side of the bed floor to get them.  The obviously weren't quick enough. 

      So I decided to count them.  Guess how many I found?

      Did you guess 6?

      Or 9?

      Maybe even 14?


      I found 23-that's TWENTY THREE- socks on the floor under the bed!!!

      There was another pair-one at the foot of my mattress, and one of the floor down by the foot of the mattress-but I didn't count those.

      Can you all believe it?  It did seem I was running out of socks!  And actually, I'm no respector of socks-I wear Dan's and Elissa's too, when I can't find mine.

      So anyway!  If you weren't fascinated by my sock collection the first time I blogged about it, you ought to be now!  = P

      Want to read a semi-true story written by me?  Check out the new page I added!  A Story By Josanne
      It's actually a serious story I wrote for my website for the month of February-I would love for you to read it, and hope you enjoy it!