Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today Is My Big Day!!!

Happy Birthday, to MEeeee!!!

This is great!  I woke up before 4 am this morning, and I can say, I don't feel a day over 40!!!  This is great!

Okay, well I wasn't actually born 40 years ago yet-I have another 10 minutes to go!

Last night we took our kids to the Japanese restaurant for my birthday, but truthfully, because that particular experience is a treat for our family(a family of 5 eating out gets a bit costly, and the Japanese restaurant is NOT at the top of the to-do list when we need groceries), I really wanted to go for my children's sake-so they could enjoy this unique experience!

Have you ever been to a Japanese restaurant?  If not, it's a great treat!  You order your food, and the chef cooks it in front of you on a large grill, while doing tricks with the utinsels, and entertaining you with conversation, and giving you a chance to catch flying shrimp(they fling it with the spatula, you try to catch it with your mouth wide open)!  All 3 of the kids really enjoyed it.  :)

Oh!  I think I forgot to tell you all that Amber had a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday!  Dan, Dakota and I went to town for groceries, and due to a few small hints, I knew something was going on, but couldn't figure it out.  I thought Dan had bought something, and someone was bringing it to my house while we were gone, and putting it together.  I honestly did not expect to find a houseful of my closest friends here to celebrate with me!  It was a very nice surprise!

Well, I am NOW officially 40 years old, as it is now 6:16 am.  Dan is going to school with the kids, and Elissa is going to work, so guess what I am going to do to celebrate....

I am going to go back to bed!  I hope this waking up at 4 am doesn't become a habit-I have heard that older people have a harder time sleeping.  I hope it doesn't start the day you turn 40!