Friday, November 26, 2010

My Chocolate Candy Winter Wonderland!

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving!  We all have so much to be thankful for, don't we? 

This is my latest creation, which I gave you a sneak peek at earlier in my blog.  If you would like to know how to make it, here is where to go!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Part 3, The Rest Of The Story

Just then, I heard a horn blow, and it was my friend Missy. I turned and ran....well, not really-the water was still up to my knees. I said, "Girl, do you see that man laughing at me??" She looked....I looked....the kids looked....there was no man there. He had conveniently disappeared!

I got in the truck with Missy, and we called another tow truck. They said they would be right out, but Missy's kids had to go to the bathroom, so we left to find the closest restroom.

When we returned, there were two police cruisers sitting at the beginning and end of the road.

One officer came up to Missy's truck and said, "Can I help you ladies?" And then Missy spills the beans! "Um, yeah. That's my friend's car so I hope you're not calling a tow truck because we already have one coming. It's not her fault-she was just trying to get to work, and there were a ton of other cars going right through it, so I hope you're not going to give her a ticket, blah blah blah." All I really heard was, "Tell your friend to give me her driver's license." I'm sure I was white as a ghost at this point.

Just then, we heard, "Calling all cars! Calling all cars in the area of ----! Please get into route. There is a domestic violence going on at blah blah blah." The officer immediately got into his cruiser and sped off.

That was WAY to close!

After that, the tow truck pulled up, looked at the water and proceded to phone to base to tell them the water was too high! "Sorry!", he said, and pulled off!!!

We couldn't believe it! We just looked at each other for a moment.

And from the back seat, we hear, "Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom again!"

"AGAIN??? Can't you hold it?"


We called the towing company again. They said that what their driver did was wrong, and they would send someone else out.

I decided to wait with the car while Missy took her kiddos to the restroom again. I decided to wade out to the car and push it myself. It was getting late, and I was afraid the police would come back soon. I made it to the car, put it in neutral and started pushing.

"Hey, I see you're stuck! I'm pretty sure I can pull you out of there!" I look up, and there was a guy in a black jeep. He didn't want to get wet, so he had me do the hooking up part. In two minutes, I was out-me and my car were on dry land once again. I thanked him, and he was on his way.

Three tow trucks later, my car was back home.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Part 2

Next to arrive to my aide was a huge white truck. I thought, surely he can get me out-that's a new truck! The truck pulled up to me, and the man rolled down his window. I quickly reached over to roll my window down, allowing an undisclosed amount of water in. The truck driver says, "Hey, you want me to get you out of there?" Oh, finally! I said, "Boy, would I!" We lock eyes and stare for a moment. My eyes searched for some movement on his part. After an awkward silence, the truck driver says, "Well, climb on over and get in!" mean me climb on over and get in-NOT you hook a thingy up to my car and use your big, beautiful shiny new truck to do what it was designed for-to pull my little Escort our of the lake! Nooo....that would be too much like a solution!

I climbed out the passenger window, which was not a pretty sight! It was very uncomfortable-nothing like the Dukes of Hazzard use to do it-not to mention the fact that my pant leg got caught on the lock. I almost did a split-one leg out of the car and the other jammed up on the lock! Once I gained my balance, I waddled over and jumped in his truck. He immediately proceeded to call a tow truck company that he was familiar with. I wasn't used to men calling other men to do something that they could very well have done themselves. His truck went throught the water like it wasn't even there! He dropped me off at the closest gas station to wait for a tow truck.

As I stood outside waiting for the tow truck, I became saturated with stares and glares from the people making their morning commute. I felt exposed, needy, even helpless.

Just then, the biggest tow truck I had ever seen appeared. I read the name on the door, and it was my tow truck. I immediately started to run toward it, waving my arms in the air because he looked right at me and kept going!!! The people who thought I was crazy before were sure of it now. I began to walk down the road, just to escape the looks.....

About 10 minutes later, down the same road, the tow truck comes to me. The driver says, "Hey, are you the one whose car is stuck in the lake? Oh, I'm sorry, I mean, in the middle of 303 that was flooded?" I said, "Yes, that would be me!" He said, "Hop in! We'll get your car outta there." So we came to the road where my car was sitting, and the driver begins to go into the water. Let me remind you that this tow truck was HUGE! It had a flatbed that could fit two mid-size cars on it. I remember thinking, Oh man, I bet it cost extra for this tow truck. There goes my paycheck!

As we move through the murky waters, he opens the door and looks out at the water under us. We got to my car, and he kept going. He said, "Yup, that water's too deep. I'm afraid if I stop, the truck'll stall out, and there aint nobody that can come and tow this out. So I'm gonna have to drop you off at the end of the road. And you give me a call once the water recedes."

I got out of the truck, still in shock, thinking, Did that really just happen? I watched the tow truck disappear, and began to gaze out into the lakes and the trees. It was kind of peaceful. I could hear birds chirping, frogs bellowing, the sound of rain drops hitting the leaves of the trees, and the water surrounding me.....WAIT!!! IT'S RAINING!!! NO!!! NOOOO!!!!! I was thinking, The water will never recede! Lord! Why is it raining?

Just when I was waiting for a response from my Lord, Who I was certain had been with me the entire time of my ordeal, I heard out from the distance....laughter. Is that laughter? I searched and searched, and at the top of the road, there was a man pacing back and forth, laughing and pointing at me-I mean the kind of laugh that you hear from Santa Claus, maybe.

I started into the water. I was going to go right up to him and find out what he thought was so funny!!! I mean, the nerve of this guy-he must have laughed for 5 minutes at me!

To be continued.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm going to share a story in two or three parts with you all-written by my dear friend, Michelle.  This is just another sneak peek of one of the new stories that will be up on my website in just a few short days!  Please be sure to stop by and visit !

Part One

Well, this recession has gotten people willing to do just about anything to get to work...especially me!

One morning, I was on my way to work at a new job that I really loved. It was clean, , easy, and I didn't go home sore everyday.

I got on the highway 303 and proceeded until I saw a "ROAD CLOSED" sign blocking my lane. I followed the cars ahead of me, which were all turning right and following the detour signs.

After about 15 to 20 minutes of driving, I began to realize that I could have been to work by now, and this detour seemed to be taking me further and further out of the direction I needed to go. Worse yet, I was going to be late!

I had to think of something quick, so I decided to turn around and double back after remembering the last time they had the road closed-there wasn't anything wrong with the road in the first place!

I finally came to the "ROAD CLOSED" sign again, and I was happy! I normally turn the corner here, and there is a tiny hill to go up-after going down the other side there is a set of railroad tracks that I slow down for. This time, as soon as I turned the corner, I put the pedle to the metal and raced up the hill. Being that I was already behind in time, instead of slowing down, I decided I would just go with the flow. I shouldn't have said that because when I hit the top of that hill, WHOOOSH!!! I sailed right into a lake! Apparently the road was closed for a reason this time! We had a significant rain fall during the previous night, and apparently the lakes on both sides of the road had overflowed.

I thought I was dreaming! Water was coming inside my car at an alarming rate! When the steam disappeared and the waves subsided, I could see a tiny silver Toyota Corrola barrelling ahead. I thought, "Wait! That car is smaller than mine!" I tried to start my car again-yes, even though water was covering the hood. I was panicking!

Just then I saw a little red pickup truck approaching me. In my mind I thought, he's driving through this lake-how is he doing that? I'm sure he's going to offer to assist me!

I stared. I glared! I got nothing! He never even looked over at me!

I prayed, "Jesus, help! Please! You know I need this job. Lord, you know I need this car!! Blah, blah, blah..."-all those things we say when we need God to get us out of the calamity we put ourselves in-going down the wrong road(if you will).

Just then, a nice shining red Jeep Cherokee pulled up beside me. Oh, thank you Jesus! You were listening to me! You do know how bad I need this job and car! The driver said, "Sooo, what happened? Didn't you see the "ROAD CLOSED" sign?" I said, "Um, well kinda. You know how that sign was there the other day and there wasn't anything wrong with the road that day?" The driver says, "Sooo, your car won't start, or did it stasll out or what? I said, "Um, yeah, both." The driver says, "Well, that's really to bad, but once you get it out of the water it should be fine. Good luck!" And then, the red Cherokee drove off, making waves that hit my car and actually rocked in back and forth like a boat.

Well, back to calling on Jesus!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Having A Problem.....

.....with my toe.  First of all, if you read the answers to my 5QF post, you will get to see my funky shaped toe nail on my big toe.  See how it is slightly sideways, and thinner than most big toe nails?  It's from my surgery.  =)

But we aren't talking about my big toe today.  We are talking about my baby toe.  Let's take a look....

Before we go any further, let me answer the question you are all dying to ask!  No, I don't believe in evolution, so therefore, no, I am not evolving from a lizard.

So anyway!  The toe of concern-my baby toe.  I think it's broke, or something!  And I know what ELSE you are thinking!  "Well no WONDER it hurts-it's SMASHED!!!"  Nope, folks, that's the normal shape.  As you can see, I'd never make it as a foot model.

Back to the toe.  When I roll over in bed, and my toe lays against the bed, it BURNS!  Can anyone help me???  Am I gonna need a doctor? 

I can see it now.... 

"Doc, my baby toe hurts!"

"Let me take a look......Well no WONDER it hurts-it's SMASHED!!!" 

"No Doc, that's the normal shape."

"Hate to break it to you, Mrs. A, but you'd never make it as a foot model."

If there is a doctor visiting my blog, please speak up and let me know why my baby toe hurts!!!  Mommy doctors can speak up too!

And for the rest of you....I just thought you'd like to know.  Plus, I LOVE sympathy!  So....if you feel sorry for me, please leave a comment for me!  =)