Monday, August 23, 2010

Do You Have Ten Dollars?

Well folks, I am back from a two week trip of travelling from state to state, stopping to visit friends and family along the way, and back again until next time!  Our travel stops included Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Let me share with you a memorable event from Texas! 

I was in a thrift store, minding my own business, looking thru the skirts.  I could hear a very persistant little boy, about the age of 5 or 6, asking his mother for a camera.  Although I don't remember word for word perfectly, this is basically what was said:

"Can I get the camera?  Can I get the camera?  PLEASEeeeeeee can I get the camera??????"

Mom is busy looking at clothes with who I assume is the older sister.  Mom does not hear the boy for the first several questions, but eventually says something to him.  Then there is silence for a brief moment.

While minding my own business, I hear, "Hello!"  I say hello back to this little fellow.  He begins to tell me how he really wants the camera, and that is it $10 and it is PERFECT for him.  I try to be polite and say things like, "Ohh...." and "Uh-huh..." 

Then the conversation turns personal!

"Do you have $10?"

Okay, now what would YOU have done or said?  Chances are that perfect camera was not the best camera in the world, and may or may not have worked.  It isn't that I'm stingy with my money, but I must admit I don't go handing out money to children every day, unless the last name is Anthony!

So I decided to pretend I didn't hear him, the same way his mother did!  And the conversation continues like this:

"Do you have ten dollars?  Do you have ten dollars?  Do you have ten dollars?  I'm ASKING you a question!!!"

Oh....ooops!  So sorry little guy.....

I was hoping Mom would hear her little man asking strangers for money, but she continued to be oblivious.  I said, "Oh, what was that?"

"Do you have ten dollars?"

It is not my policy to lie, so I said that yes, I had ten dollars. 

He asked if he could have it and explained how he really wanted the camera, and I continued to sift thru the skirts.  He hold out his hand and tells me that he's the money collector person-I continue to sift thru the skirts.

FINALLY Mom hears him and sweetly drags him away(she was sweet with her answers to him, she really was-always giving him kindness WHEN she heard him! lol).  As she is pulling him her way, I hear, "That lady was gonna give me $10!!!"  Mom kindly told him that I was going to spend my $10 on clothes!

Needless to say, I took the opportunity to escape, for fear I may run into this persistant little guy in another aisle.

No one since has asked me if I have $10, but I wonder if I will break out in a sweat, or feel the urge to run, or if I'll get the shakes when they do! 

Thank you little boy.....I now have a new fear--askaforatenadollaphobia!!!