Monday, December 17, 2012

Make Money Online: Use Fiverr to Make $1000+ A Month: Kindle Book Review

Have you ever heard of Fiverr?

This is my book review of "Make Money Online-Use Fiverr To Make $1000+ Per Month" by Stacey Davidson. 

This is a website that they call the "ebay of services".  Most people are not selling items.  They are selling services, which the website calls "gigs", and each service is sold for $5, no more, no less.  The seller keeps $4 of it, and Fiverr keeps $1.

Some of the gigs are unusual, and are not highly sought after, but if you are computer savvy, you may find yourself able to make a nice little bit of extra money from Fiverr.

It sounds like you can't make much money at only $4 earnings a crack, but after reading the Kindle book, and researching the website, I found that there are people who really are doing quite well selling their services.  

This was an easy to understand Kindle book, and it has some very good information to help a Fiverr seller to do well.

I will say that it seems most of the best gigs have to do with writing, SEO, and other computer related skills.  If that is you, this book may be just what you have been looking for to make some extra money!  Voice actors seem to be pretty popular also, as do those who can share the buyer's websites to large Facebook and Twitter followings.

The book lays out quite well how to find which gigs are making money, and the author shares with you how to get your gigs to gain in popularity.  I learned several things from this book, and would recommend it to those who want to make some extra money, along with having the skills mentioned in the above paragraph.

You can click on the picture of the book if you'd like to check it out!  Or click here:

Make Money Online: Use Fiverr to Make $1000+ A Month

Have you tried Fiverr?  What do you think?