Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did I Have A Nice Birthday, You May Wonder???

I'll give you a hint!

It started out with a friend posting this on my facebook page:

Then I had a gazillion messages sent to me on facebook, wishing me a happy birthday.

And when Elissa came home from work, it was ICE CREAM AND CAKE TIME!!!

And did you see my roses too?  =)

I get the corner piece with lots of icing!!!

Cards from the children-the outside....

The inside.....

Next card, from the oldest---the outside.......

The inside.....

Cake and milk.....


To end my day, my sister-in-law Niki made me another chocolate cake, homemade!

And one more thing!  Chocolate cake does WONDERS for my voice, although I'm very humble, and didn't know I was being recorded!    =)

Was my birthday good?  I'll let you decide.  =)

I'm 41, And I'm Losin' It!

Well, it's here, folks!  My 41st birthday! 

And guess what?

I'm losin' it!

Okay, not really.  What that should say is, I need to lose it!  I was looking at the picture of my brother Chuck and me, and I can see that my chin has grown a chin! 

Folks, this is not cool!  

I did my own 2 year personal observation, and I keep trying to tell you all that house fires make you gain weight!

Okay, the fire is over, long does this personal study have to continue???

I think I know.....

Just until I'm finished with my big chocolate cake, and gallon of milk!

And until someone will actually be brave enough to face the weather and go get me a big chocolate cake, and a gallon of milk!

And until I can actually see pavement to do some walking.

And until it's above -40 out there!


WHAT???  What did you just say???

I can eat healthier, and exercise on my gym equipment downstairs?

Oh now you're just talking nonsense!

And I thought I was the one losin' it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday!  Do you all think I'm goofy for still getting excited?  I mean, at 41, it isn't a number that we've waited for all of our lives, the way 13, 16 and 18 are!

Anyway!  Wanna give me something great for my birthday??? 


I knew you did-that's why I asked!

I'd love to have you leave me a comment!  Yep!  I'm still begging and grovelling for comments, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so!


I want to work on making my blog better by adding more pictures when I post!  I don't have a brilliant post to share this time around (other than delighting all of you with the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with me by leaving a comment!), but want to share some pictures!  =)

Do you recognize these two young ladies?  Laura is a dear friend, and Amber of course, is my growing girl!  Both of these girls have blogs if you would like to check them out!

Laura's blog is at  Laura is an extremely bright young woman with wit and charm-it's been four years since her 18 year old brother went home to be with Jesus after a car accident.  Here is a letter she wrote to him (In case you wonder, Mary Kay is their little sister).  Laura is a lovely young woman-you'll enjoy getting to know her!

Amber's blog is   Often times, Amber's blog covers serious subjects, and I've got to say, I'm proud of my daughter.  She has a heart for people, and for what is right, and when she enters this great big world as an adult, I'm confident that she will be one who fights for the protection of others, and who will help those in need of being lifted up.
This post was written a little while back, but I'm very proud of it.   She did an excellent job.  At 16, she has a heart of compassion, and I am very thankful and proud to be able to say that about my child. 

This girl is thrilled to pieces that she has a very GOOD camera coming to her at the end of the week!  Elissa is very talented with the camera-it will be nice to share some of her photos with you all!  I'm going to have her do a family photo shoot, and I'll be posting shots after she does!

This is my brother Bryan.  Have you seen the two pages of his gorgeous photography that I have on my website?  If not, go here:

And last one-this is my brother Chuck and me.  He came for a visit two weeks ago, and it was wonderful!  Wanna know something interesting?  We only met about 9 years ago!  He's my half brother from my dad's first marriage.  I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to have him in my life.  It was truly a dream come true! 

Stay warm and safe, everyone!  It's cold, icy and nasty out there right now!  Be careful!  And see you all next time!