Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm 41, And I'm Losin' It!

Well, it's here, folks!  My 41st birthday! 

And guess what?

I'm losin' it!

Okay, not really.  What that should say is, I need to lose it!  I was looking at the picture of my brother Chuck and me, and I can see that my chin has grown a chin! 

Folks, this is not cool!  

I did my own 2 year personal observation, and I keep trying to tell you all that house fires make you gain weight!

Okay, the fire is over, long does this personal study have to continue???

I think I know.....

Just until I'm finished with my big chocolate cake, and gallon of milk!

And until someone will actually be brave enough to face the weather and go get me a big chocolate cake, and a gallon of milk!

And until I can actually see pavement to do some walking.

And until it's above -40 out there!


WHAT???  What did you just say???

I can eat healthier, and exercise on my gym equipment downstairs?

Oh now you're just talking nonsense!

And I thought I was the one losin' it!


Faye said...

Hilarious!!! Yes, you can eat healthier and exercise on your gym equipment downstairs, And I can exercise and eat healthier; but the question is "Will we?"

Faye said...

Oh, I forgot: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Love you!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I know - I have that conversation with myself about once a month.....let me know if it works for you and maybe I'll try it again!

Happy Birthday!