Monday, May 3, 2010

A Peculiar Twitch

Hello Everyone! 

First of all, weeks ago I mentioned taking a video of Diamond sliding down the steps.  Of course, after I announced that to the world, she decided it was more fun to climb the rail.  She's grown up since then.  She prefers to hang out in the kitchen and eat as much as possible, which is typical for teens(yes, she's a teen in kitty age-I saw it at the vet's office!).  But maybe someday I'll still catch her on film, if she still remembers that she liked rolling down the stairs.  It was really funny!

Now on to my topic....

I don't know what the cause, but over a year ago, I developed a bit of a twitch that became especially noticable when I would be laying in bed to sleep for the night.  I told my doctor about it, because I was a bit concerned, but he felt that it was just a common occurrence that happens when people are falling asleep. 

I haven't noticed it as much lately, and it has definitely lessened.  But a few months ago.....

Dan and I had gone to bed, and I had my one arm extended up by our heads.  Believe it or not, my hand twitched, and I smacked Dan in the head.  HONESTLY, I had no control over this-it just happened!  I chuckle about it because, you know, it looks like such a likely excuse!

So I got to thinking....

Does anyone realize how far I could go with this?  The Bible says to not go to bed angry, but what if Dan and I were arguing, and we DID go to bed mad? 

I can tell when Dan begins to drift off to sleep because his breathing changes.  Wouldn't that be the PERFECT time to have an out of control twitch??? 


Dan:  (sitting up in bed, shaking his head)  What was THAT???

Me:  (sitting up next to him, sounding groggy and confused)  What was what?

Dan:  Did you just HIT me???

Me:  NO I didn't just HIT you!  Oh hand is KILLING me....I bet I had one of those twitches!

Dan:  (grabbing a single blanket, heading for the couch) Ugh...I'll see you in the morning.

Me:  Are you sure honey?  I'm sure it won't happen again!

Dan: (Silence, walking to the couch)

Me:  (Smug in my victory, drifting off to sleep, with a whole king size bed to myself)

For a while, there was an involuntary jerk in my leg and hip as well(I am not making fun of people with Tourette Syndrome-I do believe my son has it, and actually, that is why I brought it up to my doctor, because I wondered if I had developed Tourette's myself).

Remember our fight over the covers, just a few posts ago?  (You can read about it here.)  Well, wouldn't that have been convenient to hold a grudge until the following night, and then have an episode with my leg?  Okay, maybe not....if I booted Dan hard enough, and he fell out of bed, we'd have a concussion on our hands, since the wall is close to the bed(Honey?  Honey, wake up!!!  Are you okay???  Oh my!  I feel terrible!  That stupid leg twitch of mine!!!  Maybe you should go sleep on the couch!).  Not to mention, that would be a rotten thing to do to someone who just went thru two major back and neck surgeries! 

Thankfully, the jerking has become less in the last few months, and I've barely noticed it lately.  But if it ever comes back, or if you ever develop a twitch yourself, I hope you'll remember to look at the bright side, and use the twitching for your benefit!  I'm pretty sure I could get it to work for me!