Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Shopping Cart Story

Doesn't it feel good to do a good deed for another person?

I'm sure you are all familiar with how the sidewalks are built at most stores, with the ramp that allows shopping carts and wheelchairs easy access from the parking lot to the store's sidewalk.

A few years ago, I was heading into the grocery store, and saw an elderly man with a cart, next to the ramp to go up to the sidewalk.  I thought I would offer to take his cart so that he didn't have to push it back up the ramp, saving him the extra energy he would have to put into taking the shopping cart back to the store.  It's always been nice when others have done this for me-its my turn once again to return the favor to another.  I said something along the lines of, "Sir, can I take that for you?"  And he said, "Sure."  So I took the cart, and having done my "good deed of the day", my footsteps felt a little lighter as I entered the store to grab a few groceries.

I didn't need much, so I quickly made it up the first aisle to the back of the store, and down the next aisle, heading back to the front section of the store.  

The entrance of the store caught my eye.  The man I helped with the shopping cart was standing in the doorway, looking around!  To my great embarrassment, I then realized that I had not helped this man at all--I had taken his cart!!!  Oh boy.....

I was relaying this story to a friend, and she asked if I had apologized to him.  Of course not!!!  I was trying to blend in with the tomatoes---why would I make myself known again???  Hadn't I done enough already?

Well, I got all the items I needed, and headed for the checkout.  He was there, with his new shopping cart, checking out too.  So needless to say, I thought I'd just, you know, hang out with the frozen veggies for a few minutes.  

Have you ever noticed what an interesting section of the store the frozen veggie section is?  :)


Monday, January 12, 2009

Ever Wonder What a Cat Thinks?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who entered my free give-aways!  I will be drawing the names of the winners today.

This blog is not all about cats, but a reader, Jackie, mentioned how my Jazz and her baby looked so much alike from the picture I posted in my last entry, so I wanted to share a photo of all 3 of the kittens--they ALL looked like her!  They were so much fun!

And since I am already writing about kittens, I had a thougth come to me several days ago, and then a photo my daughter came across on the internet was PERFECT for the thought, so I'm sharing it with you. :)

Have you ever wondered what our pets think when out of nowhere, we just scoop them up to hold and love on them?  If you have kids, (and actually, even some of us adults!)  our pets are sometimes sleeping when we pick them up!  How rude! lol  But especially if you have little ones, and the cat is nearly bigger than they are, you know your furry friend gets swung around a little bit, or shaken up and down with each concentrated step of a 3 year old carrying him/her!  
So here I am, holding all 3 kitties, and I just imagine households all over where furry babies are picked up and carried around.  

Now, can you imagine when the kittens find new homes, or start going outside and visiting with neighbor cats, and they talk to each other?  The below picture is what I imagine the conversation would have sounded like, when they talked about the times we picked all 3 of them up together and carried them around--but is most fitting for when a toddler picks 3 kittens up and attempts to carry them around...... 


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Onesie Kitty

  Here is a picture of my baby with one of her 3 babies.  All 3 looked like her, and aww...I miss those fun little furballs!  I've never been so attached to a litter of kittens as I was to these 3.  

We had a bit of a hard time finding homes for these little ones, and let me give you a tip!  There are "no-kill" shelters that will take your babies for a small fee, and you also may want to try your local vet's office.  We found a home for our little boy kitty, but couldn't find homes for our beautiful little girls.  I would have LOVED to keep them, but problems arose and we couldn't.  I learned that our local vet's office would also take the kittens for a small fee of $20 per kitten, and find homes for them.  I sadly said goodbye, but we visited them several times before they found a new home-together. :)  I was also tickled that the vet's office let those little girls run the place!  The first time we visited, they had to track them down-watching the girl go into one room while the kitty ran past her out of the room was quite comical!


We had Jazz spayed once the kittens grew up a little and didn't need to depend on her solely for their food.  When I brought her home from the vet, they told me that she would let the kittens know if she didn't want them to nurse.

Well, guess what?  Jazz was too good of a mommy-she was allowing them to nurse less than 3 days later.  

One morning just a few days later, I walked past my baby, and saw that she was bleeding-her incision had come open.  I rushed her to the vet's office, where they performed emergency surgery on her, because of the infection possibly spreading due to the opening.  My poor baby!  I was able to pick her up a couple days later.  

Since my vet doctor was not available the day I called with my emergency, I took her across town.  This new doctor for her said no more nursing kitties-ever.  

My new job was quite a challenge!  The babies would NOT leave Jazz alone, and she would not stop them!  

Now, I know I can't have brains and beauty both, but for one small moment in time, I had a genious thougth come to me!!!  :P

I've heard of many types of onesies-organic onesies, personalized onesies, adult onesies, and toddler onesies.  But have you ever heard of a CAT onesie?  I hadn't either, but I invented it!  My own, custom made cat onesie!  I purchased a pack of baby onesies at the store, and brougth them home to figure out how to protect my baby---closing her in one room while the kitties ran around for a while, and then closing them off together in a room while she had some freedom was quite a job, and it got old very quickly!  But her life really was at stake, so I did have to keep them apart, until I found the solution!

My baby wasn't thrilled with her new garment, and in fact, she would barely walk with it on.  She mostly sat around.  I felt bad, but had to do what I had to do.  And she really did look cute!  So I've decided to share this picture with you!  Please excuse her for not looking her "pampered princess" best, but remember, she just had two surgeries. :)

Cutting a hole for her tail, and pinning the garment to fit her shape, here you have....a cat onesie!