Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Onesie Kitty

  Here is a picture of my baby with one of her 3 babies.  All 3 looked like her, and aww...I miss those fun little furballs!  I've never been so attached to a litter of kittens as I was to these 3.  

We had a bit of a hard time finding homes for these little ones, and let me give you a tip!  There are "no-kill" shelters that will take your babies for a small fee, and you also may want to try your local vet's office.  We found a home for our little boy kitty, but couldn't find homes for our beautiful little girls.  I would have LOVED to keep them, but problems arose and we couldn't.  I learned that our local vet's office would also take the kittens for a small fee of $20 per kitten, and find homes for them.  I sadly said goodbye, but we visited them several times before they found a new home-together. :)  I was also tickled that the vet's office let those little girls run the place!  The first time we visited, they had to track them down-watching the girl go into one room while the kitty ran past her out of the room was quite comical!


We had Jazz spayed once the kittens grew up a little and didn't need to depend on her solely for their food.  When I brought her home from the vet, they told me that she would let the kittens know if she didn't want them to nurse.

Well, guess what?  Jazz was too good of a mommy-she was allowing them to nurse less than 3 days later.  

One morning just a few days later, I walked past my baby, and saw that she was bleeding-her incision had come open.  I rushed her to the vet's office, where they performed emergency surgery on her, because of the infection possibly spreading due to the opening.  My poor baby!  I was able to pick her up a couple days later.  

Since my vet doctor was not available the day I called with my emergency, I took her across town.  This new doctor for her said no more nursing kitties-ever.  

My new job was quite a challenge!  The babies would NOT leave Jazz alone, and she would not stop them!  

Now, I know I can't have brains and beauty both, but for one small moment in time, I had a genious thougth come to me!!!  :P

I've heard of many types of onesies-organic onesies, personalized onesies, adult onesies, and toddler onesies.  But have you ever heard of a CAT onesie?  I hadn't either, but I invented it!  My own, custom made cat onesie!  I purchased a pack of baby onesies at the store, and brougth them home to figure out how to protect my baby---closing her in one room while the kitties ran around for a while, and then closing them off together in a room while she had some freedom was quite a job, and it got old very quickly!  But her life really was at stake, so I did have to keep them apart, until I found the solution!

My baby wasn't thrilled with her new garment, and in fact, she would barely walk with it on.  She mostly sat around.  I felt bad, but had to do what I had to do.  And she really did look cute!  So I've decided to share this picture with you!  Please excuse her for not looking her "pampered princess" best, but remember, she just had two surgeries. :)

Cutting a hole for her tail, and pinning the garment to fit her shape, here you have....a cat onesie!

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Jackie said...

I absolutely love the photo of the mama and baby cat! I never saw a kitten that looked so much like her mom! Adorable!