Monday, January 12, 2009

Ever Wonder What a Cat Thinks?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who entered my free give-aways!  I will be drawing the names of the winners today.

This blog is not all about cats, but a reader, Jackie, mentioned how my Jazz and her baby looked so much alike from the picture I posted in my last entry, so I wanted to share a photo of all 3 of the kittens--they ALL looked like her!  They were so much fun!

And since I am already writing about kittens, I had a thougth come to me several days ago, and then a photo my daughter came across on the internet was PERFECT for the thought, so I'm sharing it with you. :)

Have you ever wondered what our pets think when out of nowhere, we just scoop them up to hold and love on them?  If you have kids, (and actually, even some of us adults!)  our pets are sometimes sleeping when we pick them up!  How rude! lol  But especially if you have little ones, and the cat is nearly bigger than they are, you know your furry friend gets swung around a little bit, or shaken up and down with each concentrated step of a 3 year old carrying him/her!  
So here I am, holding all 3 kitties, and I just imagine households all over where furry babies are picked up and carried around.  

Now, can you imagine when the kittens find new homes, or start going outside and visiting with neighbor cats, and they talk to each other?  The below picture is what I imagine the conversation would have sounded like, when they talked about the times we picked all 3 of them up together and carried them around--but is most fitting for when a toddler picks 3 kittens up and attempts to carry them around...... 


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Faye said...

Those three little kittens sure do look like mama.