Friday, January 18, 2013

Baked Cabbage Wedges With Bacon-Hubby LOVES This Stuff!

I found something like this on Pinterest, but since I didn't have all of the ingredients it asked for, it is a bit different than what the original recipe calls for.  Someone commented on adding the bacon, so I did that too, and here we have a HIT!    It's a nice lunchy type snack.  Dan feels like he could eat it everyday-at this point anyway!  We aren't going to find out for sure!

You need: 
Mrs. Dash
Olive oil

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  

Slice cabbage head in half, then half again.  Then cut into about 1 inch thick wedges.  

Lay pieces on baking sheet (I put parchment paper under mine, but isn't necessary if you don't want to.)  Also, the entire head won't fit on a single cookie sheet.  I just made up one sheet at a time, enough for the day.

Drizzle each wedge with olive oil.

Cut bacon into bite sized pieces and add to top of wedges.

Add a little salt and some Mrs. Dash over all of it.

Bake for about 45-50 minutes.



Have you made something similar to these?  What did you think?  What did your family think?

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He's Still Lord

My daughter sang this beautiful song in church the other night, and one line stood out to me:

You're Still Lord

When I was just a child I heard a beautiful story
How You loved me so You died on Calvary
And though I claimed You way back then as Lord Almighty
Things haven't changed
My love is still the same
You're still Lord to me
You're still Lord, You're still my Father
In little or much, I still feel Your touch
You're still Lord
You're still Lord, You're still my Father
You'll always be mine for all time
You're still Lord
Some have called you Lord but now they serve another 
To worldly things their heart has pledged it's loyalty 
But as for me when I made my choice it was forever 
And now as before but now even more 
You're still Lord
You're still Lord, You're still my Father
In little or much, I feel Your touch
You're still Lord
You're still Lord, You're still my Father
You'll always be mine for all time
You're still Lord
You'll always be mine for all time
You're still Lord to me

But as for me when I made my choice it was forever.....

As I was listening to the words, I thought about the Lord's side of this relationship with me.  I began to serve the Lord as a 15 year old girl-one who was heading in the wrong direction in life, yet who was spared much heartache because of His mercies to me.

When I was so unworthy of His love, He still chose to robe Himself in flesh and die for me.  When I have stumbled in my walk with Him, He still has never wavered in His love for me.  

His love for me-He made His choice forever.

Because of His love for me, I've never had to walk alone.  

He's still Lord.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is This Where I Want To Be In Five Years?

I've been doing a lot of reading lately--have I told you how much I LOVE having a kindle on my phone?!?!  I read while I walk and do the elliptical at the gym several days a week!

A lot of the reading I have been doing are books about reaching goals.

One idea is to write down where you want to be in 5 years, and in 10 years.  And then, of course, the book gave ways to reach those goals.

It's a great idea to write down where you want to be, and then evaluate where you are and what you are doing, to see if your current activities are getting you any closer.

Although I haven't thought so far in the future with my weight, I do want to lose 20 more pounds (down a little over 30 so far!) this year, which will be where I hope to be in 5 and 10 years as well.

Am I doing anything right now to get me there?

Yes I am!

My daughter and I go to the gym a few days a week, and I exercise an hour each time!  I'm also drinking more water.

If I keep it up, I should reach my goal!

I have greater things I want to do, but just used this one as an example.

What about you?  Do you have any long term goals?  Have you written them down to keep your goals in front of you, so you can see them frequently?

This is a great year to start!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Make An Adorable Little Chocolate Hearts Bouquet!

Make An Adorable Little Chocolate Hearts Bouquet!

For this cute and simple little hearts chocolate bouquet, you will need the above items:
* One piece of tissue paper
* Hershey's heart shaped chocolate candies
* Hot glue gun and glue
* About three green silk leaves (smaller rather than larger, to be in proportion with the heart "flowers"
* Your choice of ribbon (I chose think ribbon)-about 1' of it
* Small glass votive holder (Walmart)
* Skinny sticks craft sticks (Walmart)
* A block of floral foam (the harder kind-not the softer kind that absorbs water-only $1 at the Dollar Tree, with enough to make several of these, if you like.)

1. Cut a small piece of the floral foam to fit in the votive holder (I carefully used a knife). 

2.  Fold your tissue paper in quarters, and cut 4 squares approximately 5" x 5".  Stagger the four pieces of tissue paper.

3.  Put staggered paper over votive holder, then put green foam over top of it, and push tightly into the holder.

4.  You can pull the tissue upwards a little bit-it will look like this:

5.  Take two of your green leaves, and cut them at the base of the leaf (no stem).

About half way down the stick, put a dab of glue, and add two leaves to the front of the stick.  Then break off about an inch of the stick at the bottom.

At the top, add a dab of hot glue to the stick, and attach a chocolate heart.  Let the glue dry for a few seconds, and then do the other side, so that the hearts are glued to the stem, back to back. 

Push the stick down into the middle of the foam until it touched the bottom.

This is how it will look:

Now make a little ribbon bow around a pencil, pull it off, and pull the bow tight (to make the pencil hole loop smaller).  

Glue  below your chocolate heart.  Ta Da!!!  A simple little bouquet!

Want a little more?  Make a couple more sticks with hearts on them, and then add them at a slant, behind the main heart.

And then, of course, is the bouquet with a couple more candy sticks:

You can add an extra leaf to the back of the arrangement as well.  

If you use the fuller bouquet, you may want to add a few coins or stones inside at the base to even out the weight a little bit, as this is top heavy.  

This stands just a fuzz over 6 1/2" tall.  Perfect for a Valentine's party (make several as table decorations!), or to set on your desk, or for another small area that could use a cute, cheery touch!