Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Fa la la la la, la de da! fa la la!
It's the most, wonderful time of the year!  It's the hap-happiest season of all! 

Sing along with me!


No, I'm not confused!  Do you know what season this is?


Yep, the time when neighbors get out and about, meet each other around several tables, give a compliment or two(ooh, that's a pretty blouse!), and honor Dave Ramsey as a hero!  People are actually happy to exercise(walking 4 miles a day is no big deal when there are yard sales!), willing to give $$ with a cheerful heart, and remember the great science of math, all the way down to the very last penny in the bottom of their purse, and sometimes under the doormat in the car, on the passenger's side.

I LOVE a great sale!

Remember last year when my house burned down?  I was fortunate enough to be at the laundromat with many of our everyday clothes, but we lost almost all of our church clothes, along with all of our shoes, except the ones on our feet.  Elissa had two pair-she had left one pair at church!

You'll soon learn a new fact about me--I'm a tightwad.  Okay, not as far as helping a friend in need if I can, or donating to a good cause, but as far as paying full price for clothing.  Anyway, this was a time that was for real, even tho women all over claim this is for real for them regularly--I had nothing to wear(for church, and also not enough casual clothes).  So what was I to do?  My entire family needed clothing, so I shopped!!!  WE shopped!

Even tho I had a true reason to shop, I STILL could barely pay full price for my stuff!  The cashier practically had to RIP the dollars out of my hand when I owed $14.99 for a new sweater!  Okay, that's a little exaggerated, but it DID hurt and was a battle in my mind!

I'm a thrift store girl, thru and thru!  And the only thing better than the thrift store is a yard sale! 

I got to hit my first one on Thursday, and it was fun!  I got 5 or 6 new tops, a Tupperware stencil tracing set in it's own box, a couple of books and a few folders, all for under $15!!!

I slept dreamily that night.  :)

In case you didn't know, this is a great time of year to get beautiful baby clothes(so many are in great shape, since babies grow so fast), boy's suits(worn once for a wedding), books for CHEAP compared to buying new, vintage pieces that are unique and will look lovely in your home, and much, much more!

So!  Join with me and sing!

(Only sing the two lines I shared!  If you throw in the rest of the song, it makes no sense, talking about caroling in the snow, and mistletoe-ing now thru September!)

Fa la la la la, la de da! fa la la!