Friday, May 29, 2009

Singing Butler

Since we will be moving in a few short weeks, I've enjoyed finding pictures that I'd like in my new home.

This picture caught my eye, and I loved it! I feel that it is very marriage appropriate, and decided to buy it for my bedroom.

This picture is SOOOO me!!! Look at her outfit! And it's as if no one else in the world exists!
I am going to hang this picture across the room from my bed so that I can see it every morning when I sit up in bed.

And it will remind me that there is cooking, cleaning, laundry and errands to do. And it will probably rain on my hopeful parade, as I walk thru my new home picking up dirty laundry and dishes, while I say something like, "You know, I'm NOT the MAID around here!!!" And then I'll go on to make sure everyone has everything they need for the day, and I'll then mutter something like, "Yeah, I guess I AM the maid."

WHAT??? You thought I was talking about the woman in the red dress???