Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Dad

If you read my other blogs, you're already aware that we lost our home and nearly everything we own in a house fire a week ago. This is my lighthearted blog that is meant to make you laugh, smile, or leave with a warm feeling. :)

I want to share a letter our 10 year old son wrote to my husband. Hope you enjoy! And remember to hug your kiddos and tell them how much they mean to you!

Dear Dad
I love you! I am sad we lost the house, but I am happy we didn't lose you. I thank God for you, and you'r the best father in the world. You saved our cat. and I thank God you'r alive today. I am happy with what I have now, I love you and mom. You and mom have helped me for ten years and I love you both.

Children definitely know how to warm our hearts!

Still trying to find my baby Jazz! If you've read this blog's older posts, you know I love my cat! We keep going to the house, calling for her, but so far we haven't seen her. Dakota thinks he heard her meowing the other day, and there has been evidence that she has been there, but so far, we haven't caught her. I can't wait to hold her, pet her, and have her sleep at my feet again. I'll even welcome her 5 a.m. wake up call for me(where she stands next to me and meows until I pet her!)! I can't wait to let you all know we found her!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!