Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love my cat!

If there is one thing my friends and family know about me, it is this:

I love my cat!

My beautiful, royal baby Jasmin.

She didn't really start off as my cat.  After her stray mama had Jazz, her brother and sister under my house, my hubby and son "rescued" them.  Our home then became a funner, busier place.  

I thought my pet days were over, but after finding homes for two kitties, my sulking children and rather "blue" hubby persueded me to keep our little girl.  Mind you, I've always loved cats, but decided in my heart that I would have no more pets after we lost our dog.

I sometimes have to deal with sulking children, but when my Dan is sad too, that tugs at my heart more than I can bare!  

So as you can see, Jazz is really my hubby's cat.  But I usually claim full ownership of her-she's my baby!

Our two year old girl has become a pampered princess!  Running to the kitchen each morning for her daily canned food(dry food left out during the day isn't quite the same, she feels), joining us in the restroom for fresh water out of the bathtub spigot, the manual rotating door she enjoys, and at least 3 anxious family members who drop what they are doing to pick her furry self up are a few perks to living in our household.  

Let me share the perks I get from her .  One thing is when I give her my undivided attention.  It isn't uncommon to find me crawling across the livingroom carpet to lay next to her, to give her the attention she so deserves for being such a wonderful cat.  In return, my baby gets up and walks approximately 3 feet out of reach, and lays back down.  I think she must be claustrophobic.  

This lovely creature also lets me know when to let her in our bedroom during the night.  Usually it is around 3-5 a.m.  Since Dan doesn't like any light to show in the room when he is sleeping, we often shut the door.  When I hear scratching that won't stop, I know it's her, desiring my love and devotion.  When she is feeling very lonely, she sounds more like a brick being thrown against my door.   So what is a cat mommy to do?  Yes, she has been known to stand next to my sleeping body and cry loudly until I pet her.  It lets me know that she loves me so much, she just can't wait until daylight for my love!  

She's also been known to find her toys in our room, in the wee hours of the day, and bat them around like an escaping mouse that can fly.

The "toy toss" is usually the only thing I can't handle.  Since we are both brought to conciousness when Jazzy wants to play, it is then that I remind Dan that she is his cat.  But the rest of the day, she is mine.

Can't you just feel the love we share?  Along with my family, my life is complete with Jazz, and I feel like the most blessed woman in the world!

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Sis A. said...

I'm glad I didn't take Jazz from you when you originally tried to give her to me. She is a precious cat!!