Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fascinating Facts About Me! Part 2

Well, now that you all know I'm fascinated with dirt, we can move on to the next fascinating fact about me!

I have a sock collection...

Under my pillow.  :)

You see, this girl right here has bad circulation in my feet, so I often go to bed with socks on.  If my feet aren't warm, then I can't warm up!  I'll rub my tootsies together over and over again, trying to get them warm, and if they won't warm up, I sleep horribly.  I'm sure others can relate!

We have a pad on our bed that somehow collects your body heat and then evenly distributes it, or something like that.  But when you first get in bed, you feel like you've just laid on a bed of ice cubes.  To remedy that, I bought a heating blanket!

So!  If you have a pad that evenly distributes your body heat, and you have a heating blanket to help warm up the bed pad, guess what happens! 

You drift off to sleep with sweet dreams swirling around your head, covered to your chin in warmth and coziness, and a smile on your face because your warm, cozy bed is the most wonderful place on earth!

And then...

You wake up about two hours later, shaking yourself from the dream that you are visiting the center of the earth!  Sometimes the dream changes-you think you are in a wet suit while walking on the surface of the sun(nothing like waking up soaked with sweat!), and other times, you're laying on a beach in Hawaii, when suddenly, the temperature raises 200 degrees, and you aren't enjoying your vacation anymore!!!

So anyway!  Once I come back to conciousness, and realize I'm not in the core of the earth, or walking on the sun, or vacationing in Hawaii, I wipe the sweat from my brow, and reach for my feet!  I take my socks off.

I drift back off to sleep, and sometimes wake back up a couple of hours later, only to realize that no, I'm not really in Alaska, sharing an igloo with an eskimo that SNORES REALLY LOUD!!!  Why, I'm home in my own bed!  And since I'm cold, I can just slip my socks back on!

I found that putting my socks under my pillow is much easier than groping in the dark on the floor next to the bed, hoping to find them.

Since I don't wake up twice every night, and don't always need to put my socks back on, I've found that I accumulate quite a collection under my pillow!  When we change the sheets, sometimes socks have even worked their way to Dan's side of the bed!

So there you have it-I collect socks.  :)

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Nita Bonita said...

Lol, for the most part i have learned to sleep with cold feet, cause i don't wake up to take the socks off and they enter the black hole, Never to be heard of again! =) when i move my bed to vaccum or something i usually find all the mates to the other socks that were in my sheets! :) lol I love it!