Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fascinating Facts About Me! Part One

Reading my blog, you probably feel like you know me just a little bit.  I thought I would help you to get to know me a little better!  And maybe you should help me in getting to know you as well-comment on this post and tell me one or two fascinating facts about you!

Are you ready?  Hopefully I'll gain a reader or two, and not lose the faithful readers I have!  I mean, surely there is someone out there that shares my facsination with....

DIRT!  Ok, not just any dirt.  I mean, you won't see my sitting in my yard or driveway with a stick, digging holes in the ground-I try to catch my son before he does these things-I'm certainly not going to go out and join him!  Maybe more than a fascination with dirt, it is more of a fascination with things that suck up dirt!  I have a wind tunnel vaccuum cleaner-actually I have two!  And no, I don't have two because of my obsession with dirt-I have two because my house has three levels, and it's easier than always having to lug them up and down all three levels.

Anyway!  My fascination began when I first bought a wind-tunnel vaccuum.  This was at my old house, where we heated with a wood stove.  It seems that the wood smoke seeped into everything in the house, including the carpet-at least that is what I'm blaming all the dust on.  Everytime I used my vaccuum, I just couldn't believe all the dust I collected!

Since moving to our new home, I still have this fascination!  Yes, I am guilty of vaccuuming one room, emptying the dirt container, and then vaccuuming the next room.  You would probably think I'm either making contestants out of each of my rooms for who has the most dirt, or that I am trying to measure which one of my children brings in the most dirt so that I can convict them of their crime!

Vaccuums aren't the only thing that suck up dirt.  My other fascination is the carpet shampooer!  I am usually 10 pounds lighter when I finish cleaning my carpets-the shampooer and I both get quite a workout!  I will go over the same carpet over and over and over..and....over.......and........over.........again until my "dirty" water comes out clear.  We might need golashes every time we enter the dining room for a meal, but my carpets will be CLEAN, by golly!

Can you picture a vaccuum cleaner commercial coming out when the bagless vacs were a new thing?  I don't know if they actually had one on TV or not, but I can see it in my mind.  A woman vaccuums her carpet, and then stands in front of her suction monster, half bent over, with mouth wide open, staring at the full cup.  And here she thought her other vaccuum cleaner with the bag always did a great job!  Well, wasn't she surprised!  

My point in mentioning the commercial is because I could do that commercial, and I wouldn't even need acting lessons!  It would be real!  

We don't wear our shoes in the house, and I cleaned the carpets when we bought the house.  It doesn't matter how clean you are, you are still going to have a bagless vac that fills with dusty stuff....



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