Sunday, January 3, 2010

Job Possibilities For 2010

Yahoo has a list of the top 10 jobs that are expecting a great future.

The GREAT news is...I think I qualify for ALL but one of them!!! Wow! And here I was worried about what we are going to do in the future!

See if you don't agree with me!...

First up-a biomedical engineer:
I know how to use a spoon to get medicine down a child's throat! I also know trickery-isn't that what an engineer does-figures out ways to make things work? It's really not all that hard, and I'm amazed that this is going to actually be an up and coming career!

Next, a financial examiner:
I am a PRO at this one! I examine bills regularly, and I examine all receipts in hubby's wallet...."WHEN did you go to the Chinese Restaurant without me???" "You spent $6 on a half gallon of ice cream? Babe, we gotta talk!"... I also know how to examine my own receipts-whenever I hit the thrift stores, I backtrack in my mind over and over and over and over again what I spent, because it disappears WAY too fast!

Next, medical science:
I'm pretty good at this one too! Okay, Kota doesn't feel well and has a rash on his arm...I could probably give him Benedryl, and then mix antibiotic ointment and aloe vera on the rash. Surely the mixture will bring good results...

Next, a physician's assistant:
I can do this! I already do! When I take my kiddos to the doctor, I am more that willing to help assist the doctor with what I think my kids need! "Now Doc, SURELY you have SOMETHING that can make my kids desire to clean their rooms and do their homework without asking! Wait!!! I'm already experienced in medical science...why don't you just let me go back to your medicine cabinet and see what I might be able to mix together..."

Next, a biochemist/biopysicist:
Now really, how hard is it to study living things and their make-up, or how electrical energy affects living things? I mean, I study my kids regularly, notice their inability to make sense when it comes to chores and homework, and I have it all figured out--they're aliens. As far as electrical energy, most of us know someone who was struck by lightning, or accidentally touched an electric fence. All you have to do is ask them how it affected them! And these jobs are paying HOW MUCH??? What am I waiting for??? What are YOU waiting for???

Next, a skin care specialist:
Oh yeah, this one is a natural calling for me! Actually, what woman isn't a skin care specialist? We notice every little detail, every blemish, every fine line, every pore! While we're at it, let's be hair care specialists too! I specialize in noticing how gray I am going how fast!

And lastly, an athletic trainer:
This one, I'm sad to say, I could not do. I do know how to turn on a treadmill, or at least, I think I remember how to! Unless this includes.....oh.....never there such thing as gut muscles? That doesn't sound very lady like, and I try to be a lady! But if there IS such a thing, then I'm not sure why I sit down in my how-to videos to hide me from mid section and down! Hmm...maybe I'll look into it....

Well, don't think I'll have time for much blogging anymore--since I qualify for almost all of these job positions, I'm going to be in high demand, and will be spending my time flying around the country in my private jet, since apparently there must be a shortage in these areas....

Or maybe...maybe I'll let Dan explain these job titles to me a little better, before I go apply for the loan for my private jet. It may turn out that I am the one who needs to find a financial examiner.....


Faye said...

Your writing expertise has just gone up another notch!!!!! Very enjoyable!!

Laura Masiker said...

Wait! Don't fly out of town until I give my two weeks notice at Sam's and join you. I qualify for some of those jobs as well!