Friday, December 3, 2010

All I Want For Christmas.....(A Series)

Christmas time is upon us! And it's that time of year when homes are bombarded with catalogs, hoping to get your attention, and your order!

Well, this is MY Christmas list, and you can just browse your local CVS for most of these because these are in the "As Seen On TV" section! Please send my gifts to Josanne, c/o That Empty Space in the Very Back of The Cupboard That Needs Filled With Useless Stuff Until The Next Garage Sale, PA. Thanks! You folks are great!

First on my list:

The EZ Cracker for eggs! Just put your egg in this handy little contraption, squeeze, and VOILA! You have your eggs ready for preparation, any way you choose! Making eggs over easy for breakfast? Need help peeling the shell off your hard boiled egg? Making an egg whites omelet? No problem! This thing can do it all!

Yes!  After you find the EZ Cracker in your utensil drawer, or...was it in the cupboard, or did it actually get thrown away after it was accidentally put it in the dishwasher, not knowing it wasn't dishwasher safe?  Anyway, after you find it, it is easier than just using your two hands to crack an egg!

HOW did I ever make it to 40 years old without one of these???  AND!  Horror of horrors--my three children had to learn how to crack eggs without one too!  I can now let out a great sigh of relief!  My grandchildren's lives will be so much easier!  After you watch this video, you will see why EVERY household should own one!

Aren't you sick of bashing your eggs with full force against a marble countertop, only to have the egg go everywhere?  Or to smack your egg with a fork so hard, it scrambles before you ever hit the bowl?  Or, after you have one egg perfectly cracked and sitting in the bowl waiting to be scrambled, you go to crack the second one, and you somehow lose all control, and don't know what happened, when you hit the bowl and the egg smears all over the counter?  Surely you need one of these too! 

I'm just so tired of being 40 years old, married 17 years, and still making faces like these ladies because of the mess and the missed shells in my eggs and muffins.  And when the whole family is sitting around eating omelets, and everyone looks like they just bit into a bullet, well, it just gets to me.  Are you with me???

Come back soon for the next part in the series!  There's more!


Laura Masiker said...

Well, I'm cracked up, even without an easy egg cracker!

Faye said...
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Faye said...

Sorry, I didn't like the wording of my last comment, so I'll try again! You wouldn't want to forget about the free $20 value dish to use for microwaving your bacon, so you could look at it like you're only paying $10 for the bacon dish and $10 for the egg cracker. Wow - gotta have it, right? WRONG!!!