Monday, March 8, 2010

How MY Day Started

Well, Good Morning Everybody!

Did you all wake up nice and chipper today?  :)

I thought my blog post title was fitting, but another fitting title would be, "Never Let Little Boys Spend The Night".

This morning, I woke up before the alarm, and since Dan was going to the school to help today, he needed to get up too-leaving time is 7:45.  The clock read 7-ish, and since I have it set almost 20 minutes fast, we were doing great for time.  Dan and I even got to bed earlier than usual, so we both felt pretty well rested!

On days Dan helps out at school, the kiddos ride with him.  Our friends' children spent the night last night, so they would ride in with him too.

I headed down to the kitchen to get the coffee started, and while getting the water, I glanced at the stove clock.  7:33!!!  Oh NOOoooooooo!!!!!

I didn't even finish the coffee-I ran upstairs to tell Dan something happened to our alarm clock-I don't know what-and that it was much later than originally thought!  He rushed out of bed to get ready, while I started waking children up.  I told him to just get ready, and that I would bring all the kids to school as soon as they were ready.  He wasn't going to be able to wait for them-he had to unlock the school for the other students who would be there on time.

I do my best to make mornings pleasant for everyone, so I woke everyone up nicely, but hurriedly.  I let them know we'd overslept, and that I'd take them in, but they still needed to hustle.

Well, our 11 year old friend Bud and I crossed paths in the hallway upstairs.  As I'm trying to hurry, hurry, hurry, he begins to tell me that in the middle of the night, he woke up thirsty, and woke Dakota up to ask for a drink.  While they were in the kitchen.....

they got the bright idea to set the clocks ahead.  

I picked up our digital phone, and it said 7:38 or something like that, and so then I was thoroughly confused.  I woke Elissa up, and she grabbed her cell phone-it was 6:58.  Amber met me in the hall confused, and I ran down to check Dan's cell phone.  Yes, it was before 7 a.m.

Ya know, for those of us that are simple minded with Blon'd roots, that is just NOT funny!  I let Dan know that he didn't have to run right out the door after all.

Needless to say, we all were wide awake when we DID wake up(since panic mode set in immediately upon looking at the kitchen clocks), but I couldn't help thoughts of wringing the necks of two little boys.  You know it's bad when the 40 year old mother is thinking, "Oh, PAYBACKS!  PAYBACKS ARE COMING!!!!!"

Ah, the life of having pre-teen boys!  Just wait until Friday-when I wake Dakota up on my way to bed, and tell him it's Monday morning, and time to get up!  I better let Bud's mom in on it too, so she can do likewise!  (wink, wink!)


Laura Masiker said...

That is TOO funny!!!!

I think mischievious little boys are adorable. I can't wait until I have my own. Then I can share in your heartache and truly empathize with you.


Faye said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but I think it might be someone's getting even with Dan for the silver in my hair!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Sherry said...

What a hoot! Thanks for sharing! Hubby and I are raising 3 boys (8,6,4) and I know they're going to mess with me in the future. I'll have to remember this one!

I got a link to your site from Amy (Earnest Parenting). Looking forward to reading more!

Jo said...

Sherry-Yes, you are in for a treat! But boys are a lot of fun! Girls just aren't usually as mischievous as boys! Thanks for visiting my blog-please come back anytime!