Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Controlling Husband

Sigh....I have it so rough...

Dan is a wonderful person, but he has one flaw....he's controlling.

Tuesday, he came home in the afternoon to announce that he wanted us to go out to dinner.  Sigh....I just wanted to stay home, but he had the nerve to bring up the coupon I gave him for Valentine's Day, which was for a night out with I gave in.

We took our kiddos, and went out to eat at Ponderosa.

Dan wanted to get a pair of boots, so we had to go shoe shopping.  Sigh(rolling eyes)....I  found a pair of black shoes for my trip to Nashville next month, and they were really cute.  I also got to go to Staples and look at laptops, along with looking at the clearance items at Fashion Bug. 

Dan wanted to go to Tractor Supply, so he and Dakota went, and he actually let me make my own choice here-the girls and I walked to Walmart "next door", since it was such a nice night.  He met us there a little later.

I only wanted to look at laptops that night, but when Dan and Kota met us at Walmart, Dan called me over to the computer section and wanted me to pick one right then. least I got my way by default---they were out of both computers we were looking at.

So there you have it-the things I put up with....eating out at a steakhouse, getting cute new shoes, and having to pick the laptop I wanted, all against my will.  

Is there any hope for women who are married to control freaks?  Well, if not, I think I can live with mine.  Thanks, Honey!  :)


Faye said...
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Faye said...

I wanted to rephrase my first comment. It must be really rough living with such a control freak as Dan -- he reminds me of his dad!! So my advice to you is live with him and love every minute of it, just like I am doing!!!

Laura Masiker said...

I hope my husband is as controlling as yours!!!

You're a blessed woman! Nice post, as usual.