Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last Night's Post-Update

Okay, I think my husband and son want a divorce from me.

The computer thing was a practical joke on sweet, little ol' me.

Long story short, they LIED!!!  Amber tried to tell me it was a joke, but Kota never admitted to it, and I ended up, as usual these days, CONFUSED!

How did it work?  There is a way to turn the computer on in safe mode.  It runs, but not quite right.

Two practical jokes in one week-the computer surgery, and the re-set clocks, are TOO much!

I went to bed half cranky, and Dan had a good laugh(Kota already fell asleep).  I equally had a bit of a chuckle when I told Dan I had already blogged about the incident-which made Dan look like an irresponsible father!

I'll get over it.....The roses and tulips Dan had sitting on the dining room table for me when I came home last night ease the pain.....I think......  :)

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