Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Computer-Should I Be Happy, Or Angry?

Amber and I had a great day-we went shopping! 

Unfortunately, my day is not ending as well as the several hours of shopping had felt.

I am sitting here at my computer....that was broken.....and is now running......

I just typed an entire post, and accidentally deleted it. 

But the frustration actually began when Amber and I got home from shopping.  Elissa was working, and Dan and Dakota were together all day and evening after school.

I learned shortly after we got home that my computer was running.  Dakota, my 11 year old, fixed it!  The screen shows much larger, and there is no longer sound, but it does pull the internet up.

How did he fix it, you may wonder?  By taking it down to the basement, and exchanging parts with our old computer that Dan had saved from our house fire.  He even did some saudering of wires. 

Now the question is, HOW should I feel? 

Dakota stood over me, waiting for me to thank him, and I wasn't sure WHAT to say!  He said, "If you don't want to thank me, that's fine...."

Oh sure!  Go ahead and laugh!  Some of you are just HOWLING aren't you???  Well, to YOU I say, May you be blessed by sons, grandsons and little brothers who love to "fix" things!

But there are others out there that surely realize what I am facing next---the computer technician!  I can already see what our conversation would be like:

Tech:  What's wrong with your computer?

Me:  Well, the screen shows everything very large, and there is no sound.

Tech:  Do you know when this all started?  Did you do anything differently than you normally do?

Me:  Well, the original problem was that the computer was completely freezing before the desktop would load.

Tech:  Does it still freeze?


Tech:  So it went from freezing, to no sound and everything being enlarged?  Sounds like some kind of virus....

Me:  Well.......(A loud, exasperated sigh fits in right about here, as the moment of truth arrives), while I was gone all day,(another long sigh, as I look to the ceiling because I am too EMBARRASSED to look the tech in the face) my 11 year old son took my computer downstairs and traded inside parts with our old computer.  He saudered some wired as well.

Tech:  (Wordless, with eyes as big as silver dollars)

Me:  (Loud, very long sigh) Yeah, I know.

Tech:  (Loud, very long sigh, longer than mine)  Well, we'll see what we can do.

Me:  Thank you.  (I am low enough to slither under the bottom of the un-opened door)
Fortunately for me, it is very late, and I can go to bed.  Then I don't have to think anymore, until morning.

And I think it is only fair that since Dan WATCHED Dakota carry the computer downstairs to the basement, and allowed him to work on it(yes, he asked Kota what he was doing, and Kota answered that he was fixing the computer), that HE will be the one to take it to repair.

Please send well computer wishes my way......


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