Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dan, My Sweetheart!

Well, I've shown you all my new 'do, and think I'm going to start wearing my hair this way.

Guess what Dan told me?

He said that my new hairdo makes me look 10 years younger, like I'm 20!!!!! 

He probably knew in all of my glorious ditziness that it would take me a minute to figure that one out, but by golly, I did! 

I just turned 40, and he just wanted brownie points for telling me I look 30!  And then with the new 'do, I look like I'm married to a man who robbed the cradle!

HA!  How's THAT for FLATTERY??? 

Maybe I'll one up him, showing him how young HE looks by buying him a new bicycle, seeing as how he is using Kota's in this picture!  ;P  Puppets and stuff make you look younger too, don't they?!?!

If you look at my link to my last picture, you'll see my explanation of Dan and the puppet-we actually have two, one beige, and one red.  :)  Thanks to Alicia, I found these adorable little guys on ebay, in case you ever want one!

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