Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't Even B'lieve It!

I was reading the comments to my LAST post about my new hairstyle, and I must say, I cannot believe what I read!  What!?  You all think I'm some kind of MO-RON???  An ID-DEE-UT???  I mean, c'mon!  I thought you all were my FRIENDS!!!

Listen, here is a picture of me....

Now, just picture me with dreadlocks, and a similar poof, except with a layer of fuzzy wire hovering above!

I am NOT going to humiliate myself by showing you a picture of me looking like a total dork!  Like I said, can't even b'lieve it! 

Now I WON'T be too humiliated to show you a picture of Dan looking like a dork!

I can say this because he was TRYING to look like a dork!  I mean REALLY!!!  If my hubby had GREEN chest hair, I certainly wouldn't post it for the world!  THAT would humiliate ME!  And actually, he never wears his shirt unbuttoned like that!  This was for the purpose of impressing all of his preacher friends!  ; P

Do you all like his furry friend?  I actually got one of these for him and Dakota last year, after his back surgery.  We didn't know how long he would be laid up from the surgery, so I thought he might take interested in getting good with a puppet!  And he and Dakota could carry on a four-man conversation!  These furry guys are so cute!  Even the guy with the green fur in his shirt!  : )


Faye said...

Glad you didn't tell the world that's my son! lol By the way, it is too bad there wasn't a picture of your hairstyle. Would have been very interesting.

Laura Masiker said...

You know...I'm STILL trying to figure out why my sister wants to marry a man like Dan Anthony!?!?

Josanne said...

LOL--let me talk to her--there IS still HOPE!!! And with enough of my personality in my son, I think we can balance things out real well before she marries into my family(wink, wink!)!