Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Newest Hairstyle, And Tips For You!

Have you ever wanted to try a new hairstyle, and you have the idea in your mind, and then you try it in your hair?  That is what I did yesterday, and I came away from the mirror with a new hairstyle and a few expert tips for my readers!

I was in a hurry, and decided to take sections of the front of my hair, twist them together until the twist was from top to bottom, and then roll them around a hot stick hair curler.  I pulled the back of my hair in a ponytail, and did the same with divided sections.

I took the hot sticks out after a little while, and, well, let's say the look definately wasn't a pleasant surprise.  Basically, the back of my hair looked like I brushed out some dreadlocks, and after I brushed out the front section and pulled it back, I sprayed it and thought it was good enough.  I had to get going-I had to run into town and pick up Dan.  When I came home and looked in the mirror again, it basically had that "just stuck my finger in a light socket" look, or another way of putting it is, I seemed to be wearing a halo of wirey fuzz above my hair. 

I walked away from this experience, having learned two things that I'd like to share with you:
  1. If you would like to try this twist and roll hairstyle for yourself, DON'T.  Trust me, it's NOT worth it.
  2. Don't try a new hairstyle 10 minutes before you need to leave your house.  Sure, you'll get over the embarrassment of say, having to stop by the bank on the way home(thanks for not mentioning my fuzz halo, Karen!), but it's much better to let everyone think of you as plain Jane, or your normal self, rather than thinking that you've decided to try to be under 40 again, thus trying new, hip-for-a-punk hair styles.  :)


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