Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scaring The Kitty

My friend Melinda came over earlier, and her 5 year old son Ben was with her.  Ben said something about not scaring our kitty, Chloe.  Dan said that she needed scared.  Of course, I let Ben know how sharp her claws are and that she sometimes hurts, since I didn't want him to get himself all scratched up.

While I was talking to Ben, telling him all of the details of Chloe's self defenses, he came into the dining room where his mother and I were sitting, and he stood there digging in his coat.  I wondered what he was doing, while he quietly muttered something about scaring the kitty, still! 

So guess how he scared her......I'll give you a was with something in his coat pocket....

He put his Dracula teeth in, made his meanest face, and set off to find the kitty to scare her!

LOL!!!!  Loved it!!!

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