Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I've Got Plenty Of Time

I'm looking with anticipation into 2013, and am excited about the things I am working on, the goals I am reaching for, and the results I expect to see!

A lot of goals seem to fall short because we feel we lack the time to work on them.

But do we really?

In 2013, we will have 8,760 hours to work on whatever things we are hoping to accomplish.

When it comes to time, if most of us were honest, it isn't time that we lack-it's motivation.  There are some people who do run a very tight, busy schedule, but then there are many of us who give in to the feelings of the moment. Instead of pushing ourselves a little bit, we comfort ourselves with many evenings of just vegging out because it was a hard day at work, or a busy day at home, and we're tired.  Yep!  I'm guilty!

But maybe we have convinced ourselves that we don't have time.  Just take a closer look to make sure.

Just for an example:

A full time job with a 30 minute drive to work each way would equal  2250 hours a year-less a two week vacation.

Eight hours of sleep each night equals 2920 hours a year.

That still leaves us with 3590 hours left in the year.

Is there much we can do in 3590 hours?  Absolutely!  Because this is just a general estimate, you may have a bit more or a bit less, but you will still have many hours to work towards some of the things you want to do in life.

If you calculate your own "free" hours in the year, but are still feeling left with very little, even tho the numbers prove you wrong, you may just need some help with organizing your time in a better way.  Learning to do errands all on the same day, become more efficient in your household skills and habit, or even getting your sleeping hours on a better time schedule can make a huge difference.  I'm learning this myself, as I venture in to doing freezer cooking, so I have a freezer full of meals while cutting down cleanup time each day because of less pots and pans from preparation.  More to come on this!

So, at the beginning of 2013, look at your schedule and realize you do have time to reach goals you've set out to accomplish!


Diva Coach Dabney ~ Empowering Women.... said...

I love it!

Seeing the actual NUMBERS connected with the actual amount of time was such a brilliant thing to share with us Josanne!

I was inspired by your read and grateful to know you!



Josanne Anthony said...

Thank you, Dabney! I know it makes me want to do more with my time!