Friday, July 29, 2011

Sydney Thinks It's SUSPICIOUS! and 5QF!

Hello friends!
Do you all remember me telling you about Michelle and Sydney moving our way?  Well, the fun has begun! 
Michelle was working, so Amber, Sydney and I went shopping in a far away city.  Okay, it was 50 minutes away, but an area I'm only semi-familiar with.
After we found some great deals, we were hungry!  And!  We wanted to celebrate our successful Goodwill shopping trip.  We decided Chinese sounded great.  We stopped at one, found out the price, and decided to drive down to the next one, thanks to my GPS letting us know all the local Chinese restaurants.
The second restaurant was in a strip of buildings, with a pet store next door.
SYDNEY says, "Isn't it kinda SUSPICIOUS that the PET STORE is right next to the Chinese restaurant???"
Needless to say, Sydney is one funny gal!  We love having her and her mama here with us!  I used to have to drive two hours to be with them, but now it's less than 15 minutes from home!
Speaking of Sydney, her mother Michelle just started a blog!  So far she has one post up, and I'd love to encourage you to visit again while she shares with us an incredible story.  The lovely Sydney was a little girl with leukemia.  Yes, I said was!  =)
Please stop by and see her first post!

Now onto the 5QF!
1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?

Hmm....I don't think it matters to me either way.  There was a time when I thought it would be so romantic and so sweet.  Now, my marriage feels stronger than ever, and renewing our vows doesn't really even cross my mind.  Umm....I think that particular idea left me when I realized I'd never fit into my wedding dress again.  Yeah, that was all part of my renewal dream.  =)

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?

Oh goodness-I'm in trouble now!  NOISE just annoys me!!!  I like things quiet.  BUT!  Since that isn't possible with two of my kiddos still in the home, I deal with it.  The one noise that really, really, REALLY can't stand is thumping.  Thumping happens when Dan plays invisible drums, or I'm in bed and someone slams a door.  I HATE thumping!  Drives me crazy!

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?

Oh, now THIS is an unfair question!  I mean, who else can I have as a wonderful little boyfriend?  And what's more enjoyable than spending a day with my son?

But when you are asking if I had to have ALL of one or the other, that means there is more than one child involved.  And since I have three children, I'll assume the question for me is three boys or three girls.

Along with my son being a wonderful companion for a day, he is also a REAL Mr. Fix-it!  If there is anything wrong with it ("it" being ANYTHING), my boy is ON it-like, YESTERDAY!!!
If there is anything not wrong with it, my boy may try to make it better anyway!  Folks, it's scary!

So, that being said (and I'm not one to try to embarrass my kids in my writing-sorry, Kota, but I had to say it this time!), I don't think I could handle three little boyfriends that are all Mr. Fix-its!
Not to mention that three boys brainstorming together can be a dangerous thing!  Do you all remember when Kota's friend spent the night, and they changed all my clocks in the middle of the night?

So give me girls!  I can handle the drama, the sleepovers, the traumatic experience of having 200 articles of clothing in the closet with nothing to wear, probably ANYTHING other than three little Mr. Fix-its!

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?

Yes, I do.  I don't actually practice it, which makes it sound a bit hypocritical on my part, but let me just explain my feelings.

I believe in doctors, and am not against medicine-I am SO grateful for Claritan D!  

But I am also in favor of trying things that steer away from prescription drugs.  I believe the chiropractor can help a person's overall health, and accupuncture, accupressure, and possibly homemade remedies-after all, before medicine was so readily available, people often had to use homemade remedies, I would think-just not sure of all of them being helpful.  Pumping meds into the body all the time isn't good for the liver, from what I hear, so I am all for other solutions.  

I'm basically a healthy person for the most part, so that is probably why I don't practice alternative medicine.  But if I gain health issues as I age, I wouldn't not refuse the possibility of being helped by a less popular method.

5. Would you take a family members children and raise them if they needed it? would depend if they were girls or.....BOYS!  =)

Actually, it would depend on the whole situation.  There are many factors to take into consideration.

Okay peeps!  I need to turn in for the night.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice weekend!


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Love your answer to Q3. I laughed out loud about the 3 Mr. Fix-it's ;)

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