Friday, July 22, 2011

A True Story About Little Loves

This is a story about two precious babies!

Since we moved from our old property, there was an outdoor cat living at our old land, and she had these precious babies.  I'm happy with my own two babies, Chloe and Diamond, and am not looking for any new kitties.


I was feeding the mama cat regularly, and she never revealed her babies to us, but we could tell she was a mama.  And she was a WONDERFUL little cat!  So sweet and friendly!

Usually when I would go out to the land to feed her, she would greet me.  But one day, she didn't come. 

Dan was at the land another day, a few days later, and again, she didn't come.

About a week and a half later, we still did not see her at all.

A friend of mine was moving to our land, and while we were there preparing the place for her, Dan spotted a fluffly baby kitty!  The kitty ran upon the sight of him, but shortly after, she and her brother were both in the front yard.

We caught them, and because we were most likely the first humans they had ever seen, they were terrified, hissing and spitting.  The black kitty was calmer, but she was still afraid of any sudden movements.

Since Dakota was with his dad, and I had to leave, Kota took them in the trailer on the land and made friends with them, along with feeding them.

These precious babies had a wonderful mother, but she completely disappeared, and they were too young to fend for themselves, for safety, or for food.

So naturally, I brought them into the safety and care of my own home!  They were malnourished, with us being able to feel their bones so easily because they most likely were starving, which would have resulted in their soon coming death.

My little story has a happy ending.  These babies filled out nicely, and they are happy and rambunxious, the way kitties should be.  They didn't have that much life in them when I brought them home due to being malnourished, I'm sure.  But now, they play, have become tolerable to our own cats (Diamond likes the striped boy pretty well, and he loves on her as if she is his new mommy-she even cleans him with her tongue.)  =)  The black kitty is happy as well, but just doesn't show the need to be mothered like the striped baby.

If you know me personally, and know of anyone who would like these precious babies, please let me know!  We won't be able to keep them, but will continue to love them and care for them until they find a new residence, which I would like to be indoors (going outside is fine, but I don't want them to go to someone who doesn't want them inside at all).

Have a great weekend all!  Hope this story warmed your heart a little bit!

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