Monday, January 17, 2011

If Mom Is Crying, DON'T Laugh!

Hopefully you all haven't thought I've given up on my blog!  Just re-grouping, I guess, and this morning, I'm on a roll! 

My new challenges are up at

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And now I'm updating my longest-standing blog!

Okay, I've tried and tried to find a good picture to show my mother's emotion on this particular day, but I'm having a hard time finding one.  So!  You will just have to get a vision in your mind.  =)

One day, my mom had two pans sitting on the stove, and asked me to put chicken in one of them to cook.  I honestly don't remember all the details, but I put the chicken in the wrong pan-it was a pan that had dirty water in it from the day before, or something like that.

Now, when she discovered this, she burst into tears, and started sobbing!  My mother didn't usually act like this, and now that I'm a mother, I understand that she must have had much on her plate at the time, and was feeling overwhelmed. 

Yes, I felt bad.

Then, somehow my dad ended up in the picture.  Let's see if I can show you how we were standing:

Mom was in the kitchen, facing me.

I was in the living room, facing Mom.

Somehow Dad ended up in the living room, between me and Mom, facing me.  Got that?

Mom in the kitchen, Dad in the living room, both facing me, in the livingroom.

Back to the story.

Mom is standing in the kitchen, SOBBING.  And of course, I am feeling terrible.

So what does my wonderful father do, while facing me, his back to my mother?

The man begins to imitate her!!!

The cartoon I chose is PERFECT for describing how he looked-only without the animation.

Now what would YOU have done?

My memory isn't so great, but I do believe I stood there and tried to keep a straight face, until she was done.

My dad was such a funny man.  He's been gone for 6 years now, but his memory will definitely live with me forever.  ♥

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Faye said...

That is such a funny story! Thanks for sharing!