Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What A Letdown! But With A Bright Side!

I hope all of my wonderful readers had a lovely Christmas! 

I'm thankful for my readers, I truly am.  But I admit-you all let me down for Christmas.

I did not receive my EZ Cracker.  Guess I'll have to smash my eggs all over the countertops by hand for eternity.

I did not receive a Point n Paint.  Rollers and brushes will have to do.

I did not receive a Perfect Brownie Pan.  The kids will not be standing around me cheering when I bake.

And my greatest disappointment~Anthony Sullivan did not knock on my door holding several rolls of his fabulous tape to fix all of my stuff.  So much for my kitchen drain being permanently sealed.  So much for a cheap fix if I ever have a leaky roof.


I hope you can all feel my disappointment.  Next year I won't depend on my readers to fill my empty spaces in the back of my cupboards.  I'll have to ask family instead.

But on the bright side!.....

Jesus is the greatest Gift that I celebrate year round.

I also received a wonderful earthly gift, given to me by the Lord.

My family went to brother-in-law's for Christmas.  His wife prepared a lovely meal, and Dan's parents came also.

What I am so thankful for is the gift of a family that loves each other and has a great time together.  My brother-in-law Tim is a newlywed, married two years, and his wife Niki is the perfect addition to the family.  She is a perfectly beautiful human being.

My husband's parents have been wonderful for the entire 17 years of our marriage.  (Sorry I don't have a picture of them to share!)

I have no complaints!  I am truly, truly blessed!

I still cannot share my secret on my blog just yet, but let me give a couple of hints!

First of all, NO!  I'm not expecting!

And the hint is...in a sense, my family may be expanding very soon.  Not in my own home, but close enough!  Blood doesn't always matter, and I believe when it comes to family, the more, the merrier!  And sometimes friends are more than just friends.  They are people you love with your entire heart, and you love them and their children as your own family.

Well, if that isn't a hint and a half, I don't know what it!  Maybe you'll figure it out, or at least more of a guess, if you read my past posts!  =)

Everyone have a lovely day!

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