Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lunch Really Weighs Him Down

I'm like my mother-if you ask me a question that requires a two sentence answer, three paragraphs later, you will have your answer! :)  That being said, I'll try to keep my cute little story about Dakota short!

You need to know that my children go to a school where they can use a microwave at lunch, so when they tire of sandwiches, they can take hot pockets or another warm lunch.

This morning, he and Amber were getting ready for school, and he asked me if Amber could put the lunch box in her book bag, instead of the usual of him putting it in his book bag.  He said that his book bag was too heavy.  As we were discussing the lunch box, he told me to feel how heavy his book bag was.  I lifted it, and sure enough, it was heavy.  I asked what he had in there!

Food!  Several cans of food!  I sat down, dug deep and pulled out one can of soup, one can of beef n mac, one can of mandarin oranges, two small cans of peaches, a pack of ramen nooodles, a single serving bag of rice cakes or something, a partial bag of doritos, and a spoon!

The three of us laughed, and Kota blamed it on his dad for the days Dan helps at the school.

All I had to say was, if Kota got stuck in a snow bank somewhere, he'd be able to survive for quite a while!  All I would have needed to do was add a can opener to the bag!  :)