Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's a fine line.....

Okay, I lied.

There are MANY fine lines.......when I smile.
I've looked over the past 10 or 15 years, and there are a few certain incidents that I remember....

I remember in my 20's, I was trying to show Dan how I could still do a cartwheel.  So we went out into the yard, and made sure no one was looking, and I attempted to show him...I'm sure you are all familiar with the sudden pain that shoots through your body in one place or another, like a giant charlie horse.  I had the pain, but mine wasn't a horse, it had something more to do with a ham, I think.

I also tried to show my dear hubby how I could lay on my stomach, push my upper body up and fold my knees, so that my head and feet touched-that perfect triangle.  Well, my "I'm a dude" dude(see my Sweet Revenge story if you don't know what I'm talking about!) informed me that I looked like a perfect U, or an upright rectangle with the top line cut off.  

Just two weeks ago, a friend looked up at my hair and announced to my utter shock, "You're getting gray!!!"  Really?!!  Where?!!  I can just pretend that when I part my hair certain ways, it doesn't look like I've taken up frosting, in "Silvery Moon" by Clairol.  And I got to thinking, with friends like this, who needs.....oh, never mind.  :)

Am I complaining?  No!  Not at all!  

All I am actually trying to say is, in 2 days I will be 39, and I just ain't no spring chicken anymore!  Gray hair and wrinkles~I've earned them all!!!  I even got my wisdom teeth in my 20's(except they took them away, and just left me with beauty)!!!  And I made sure I let my friend know that I was proof that you can be gray and beautiful!  I mean, Dan's had gray since he was 18, and I still look at him and think, "He sure is handsome!"  Now we're just distinguished together!!!  Oh, and I let my friend know I was that, too!  :)

For my birthday, if we don't get hit with another blizzard, Dan and I, and Dan's brother Tim and his new bride, Niki, are going to a Japanese restaurant in Erie called Hibachi.  I hear it's quite an experience, and they cook at your table!  They also throw shrimp at you to catch, but you know, with me getting older and all, I think I'll ask them to set it on my plate, since the reflexes don't work so well anymore.  

I don't mind my age, I'm just a little scared, that's all.  I mean, what if everyone expects me to grow up?  

Actually, that's not really going to be a problem for me.  Now when Dan hits 40, that's gonna be a problem for him!  ;P

I guess it just really hits home when people call me "Ma'am".  As long as no one buys me a red hat and purple accessories for a few more years, I'll let that one slip......    :)

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