Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make a Chocolate Bouquet

Please check my Delightful Domestications blog for another chocolate bouquet that I made with Reese's mini cups and Kisses!

Click on picture for a close up of the bouquet!

Valentine's Day is coming up, so what better time to decorate with a chocolate bouquet!!!  This is the time of year when candies are wrapped in reds, pinks, silvers, etc, so you can work with some of the colors you can't find just any time of year.

This was very simple.  In the first picture, notice the whole setting.  I have my porcelain vase with my hair flowers in it, my diamond shaped candle holder and candle, my square glass dish, my doily, and my vase of flowers.  

All I did was take a bouquet of flowers that I already had on my dresser, and pulled some of the flowers off of the wire stems(some of the stems are also plastic-those are mostly the flowers I left on).  I then took Hershey Kisses and placed them on the stems.  You may need to take a thin wire(clean-I used new floral metal wires, found in the floral department of Walmart) to make the whole before adding it to the stem.  

The close up picture shows you the red and silver Hershey Kisses I added.

If you would like more of the red and silver to make your setting more decorated, notice the changes in the last picture.  I added more Kisses to the bouquet, using metal flower wires.  I also removed the candle from the candle holder and replaced it with Kisses, and also added them to my square glass dish, and spilled them across the doily.  

A simple little display!  Make a display for your bedroom, or on your coffee table in your livingroom, or a centerpiece for your kitchen or diningroom table!


Faye said...

Very pretty!

Abi said...

How long will those last in that flower arrangement? Wouldn't last around my house very long at all.
Nice job thanks for sharing. Abi