Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Leaving the Big Girl's Club

When I was little, I wanted to be big-didn't we all?

Well, now I'm a big girl, and with a WHOLE different meaning, I want to be little again!

I had Elissa take some pics earlier, and some of the ones I like real well need cut OFF from the shoulder UP!

So!  Farewell, Big Girl club!  It's time to get serious about this!  Unfortunately, you can't just leave this club-you have to do the opposite of  what you do to join other clubs.  You have to work your way out of it, instead of working your way up the ladder like you would somewhere else.

Fortunately tho, if I take a picture from up above, I don't look too "big girl" ish!  Picture in point:

Unfortunately, I can't walk around with my chin up everywhere I go, lest people think I'm snooty!  So the only alternative get rid of the excess.

Speaking of the major task in front of me, did you all know I have a blog for doing fun (so to speak) challenges?  If you stop by, you can join in if you like!  The new challenges start today, and they are for 21 days-7 challenges for 3 days each, in 5 different categories.  I'd be thrilled if you would stop by!

As for my newest task, stay tuned for updates.....


Faye said...

Here I have been thinking there was something wrong with the cameras that were taking our pictures lately. You know, like wide angle lens or something!! lol

Angela Marie said...

Sigh, I'm planning to buy Elissa a 20 foot step ladder to take pictures from on our wedding day!!! Pictures from an extremely high altitude should make me look substantiallly smaller. It's at the top of the wedding budget! lol